Do any of you think that companies will start making placeholder accounts here?

You know how Apple and Google have placeholder accounts on sites like TikTok, Instagram, Snapchat, etc.? I wonder if companies like them actually care enough to do that on this platform.


I’m not sure if it’s legit but is an account on here🤔

If the brand is trademarked they have the right to claim the @names (unless if someone tries to impersonate em’ account will be terminated :stuck_out_tongue:) but I’m pretty sure when the time comes they’ll be able to claim it by reaching out to Byte Team! (I know @Nike is real)


Not entirely. You have a right to take a name such as Google or whatever as long as you are not impersonating the company. Then it becomes a trademark infringement. You are free to use any name as long as you are not trying to pose as the company or individual of the name you have taken. Also people squatting names do not fit into this. Those accounts will be deleted or get their names changed.

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Currently there is a Triscuits account on byte which I am certain is 100% real


I feel that this is very likely. I remember attempting to change my old @ name from “TheJohnQuinonez” to “Quiznos” and to my disbelief the username hadn’t been taken yet so as I typed it out to save… the app wouldn’t allow this change to proceed. I never received that pop up saying that “This username is already taken” and I tried several times and nothing happened. So at that point I got the sense that companies like Nike or whoever secretly have a saved account? I don’t know… maybe i’m wrong. This happened back in Late February

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@Pac Actually that’s not true, although sometimes social media companies try to respect trademarks, they aren’t required to and often do not respect a simple trademark.

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Yes, :stuck_out_tongue: unless if someone tries to impersonate

Well hey I just found an “apple” account under @apple_inc over there.

There’s like 400 people total that use this app…Hardly seems worth it.

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ive seen way more than 400 people, just gotta look on latest

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That’s cap. It takes like 100 likes to get on the popular page. 1000 daily users, max.


Companies won’t come if they don’t think they’ll benefit, there’s not enough people on byte to benefit

The posts on the popular page always has 500 likes max

that still means there are atleast 500 active people

Okay and Tiktok has like 700 million. Where do you think companies are gonna go?

this app has only been around for like 4 months, tiktok has been around for over 5 years how do you expect a brand new app thats frankly still in beta to compete. sorry if i sounded hostile

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Nah you have a good point. It took a long time and big rebrand for tiktok to be successful.

Welcome to the forums by the way!

glad to be here

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