DMS ARE HERE (Now available on IOS)

ANDROID RULES! It’s been long overdue.

Can’t make and send bytes though so meh :unamused:


Game changer. So excited for this feature to roll out on iPhones! Thanks Byte team😄


I know who I’m messaging first


HECK YES! Now testing on my iPhone. Message me and tell me I’m pretty.

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Dms are finally here & make byte even cooler! :grin:

Finally :slight_smile:


Dom, the only reason I use tiktok DM’s is to easily send other users tiktok videos. Please extend that functionality to byte.

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I would love to send people video or audio through the dms in order to collaborate

I would like to see Gc’s :full_moon_with_face: Ik it’s kinda hard but maybe later?, Idk


Just tried sending a link to my byte through chat and it’s not clickable

Is there/will there be an option to turn off DMs?

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AAAAAA It looks so good! :3 :purple_heart: :sparkles:

got it on my ipod touch 7

Oh yeah I just fix it by entering scrolling down to the bottom of the conversation and exiting the chat.