DM Issues / Concerns

I’ve been messing with the new DM feature and have a few concerns with how it works.

  • An interesting fact about the TOS reminder is that it’s not a “system message,” but actually sent from byte’s official account. This raises a few questions:

    • Can that account read every message sent through the app or does it only have permission to write to conversations?
    • Can other accounts “inject” themselves into a conversation like that through unofficial clients? Or can only byte do this?
  • When an adult messages a minor, the byte account sends a message saying something like: “Just letting you know that you are talking with a minor”

    • This is pretty innocent by itself, except that the minor also sees this message when talking to an adult. It’s pretty misleading and could convince a minor that they’re talking to another minor when that’s not the case.
    • Also, why isn’t the birthdate being acquired through Google? It’s harder to lie about your age when you’re never asked for it.

i havent’ seen dms is there a vid i can see on how this works?

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I definitely agree the birthday should be taken from google instead of being able to be entered in, I’ve been saying this for a while now as most people use their actual birthday for their google account but might lie on an app and that is concerning. also the minor should be getting a message that lets them know the person is an adult, clearly. Not the same message the adult gets, like you said, it can be misleading.


it isnt avaible everywhere in the app, just on the feed. I would like for it to be moved to notifications but im happy its even here

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People lie about their age all the time there isn’t much byte can do about that.

Note that many accounts on iOS may be signed in with Apple. And Apple doesn’t disclose that level of information.