Disney: More Money, Less Magic

It’s no secret that Disney is an absolute powerhouse. They own well… basically everything big now.


Literally 3 circles can dominate the planet and everything that has to do with entertainment, and that is slightly terrifying. Now, I love disney. Disney is a beautiful company that makes beautiful things each year, and they are truly what Magic comes from… but recently, It hasn’t seem that way at all.

Disney has been making great movies, don’t get me wrong. What I mean is they seem to care about one thing more then magic: money. It really doesn’t make sense why disney, a huge monopoly that can spend a billion on a movie and still do financially fine cares about owning almost everything. They’ve been on this run of buying companies left and right recently, but what for exactly? They don’t need to, but they do, like buying supreme. Now this would be completely fine in alot of eyes if it meant disney makes more great movies and shows…

Somehow, this means that they don’t give a shit.

Disney has been on a tyrant of not using creativity and only focuses on sequels and live adaptations it seems. Disney has about 8 live adaptations coming out and in the works, while they have sequels for days. Now, it would be fine if these were good, but they look like anyone could have written these up in a day and be like “haha, a movie!” This is a major downfall when it comes to Disney making good movies in my opinion. They do know though, these will make money. Sequels make more then its predecessors, and these live adaptations clearly make alot of money. Less work, but more money? Win-win right?

I don’t just mean that disney is failing on their creativity in the movie world, they even are failing on most of their disney channel shows. Theyre shitted out with very little talent and a very small budget, but they still get money because kids watch them. Disney channel has always been slightly cheap, but atleast in the past they TRIED WITH SHOWS! Even the movies are aboslutely horrendous! Kim Possible and Freaky Friday are shitty movies that are LIVE ADAPTATIONS and literally a RE-MAKE to grab attention, even though they both suck. But does that matter? No. They made money. Win-Win situation for Disney.

Why am I upset about this? It’s sad. I used to be very excited about disney movies, but now? I don’t even care about aladdin or lion king. Ive literally seen it, and I literally don’t want to see a movie that won’t be as good as its first ever movie. The animation was there for a reason, why you gotta remake them in live adaptation? $$$$$$$$$ is the answer. And now with them buying everything, they won’t put work into anything with a drop of creativity, and honestly, I’m going to be pretty upset to see them buy out everything just to prove to their competitors they are fearful. They don’t care! Why would they? It’s disney! They make one fuck up, too bad, 300 Mil under the drain? Oops! Thats practically waisting a buck on gum for Disney, and they really do not care. Walt Disney in all honestly would probably not be happy with the direction disney has taken recently. Disney just doesn’t care anymore. They just care about money. Who needs magic when they have money. Money corrupts people, and money has clearly corrupted this company.

Thank you for reading this rant.