Disney Live Adaptations That Would Work

There are reasons that I think disney does bad because of them trying to force live adaptations on timeless movies that do not need it. They shouldn’t be touched because they are classics and beautiful movies on their own. Disney isn’t really a company right now that’s trying to show originality, it’s producing sequels and live adaptations at the moment like its nothing! The Lion King
Maleficent 2
Frozen 2
Toy Story 4
Lady and The Tramp
Lilo and Stitch
Hunchback of Notre Dame
James and The Giant Peach
Peter Pan
The Second Jungle Book (w h y)
The Sword and The Stone
Last but not least, SNOW WHITE!!!


Now Im not saying that this is entirely bad. Infact, some might be good. Some, i think will be ruined. There are some that I also think would actually work for the Disney formula which won’t fuck up a adaptation, but will make a movie better. Here is my list:

I think this can be interesting, be given the right director. I say that this can be given a very adult disney tone, and I for one would want to see that, being the movie is quite hecked up. Guy literally turns boys into donkeys. Thats pretty terrifying. It would be interesting to see it, in my honest opinion.

Oliver And Company
If Disney does one thing right, its CGI Animals. They’re insanely good, and I enjoy seeing how much effort they put into it. Frankly, I’d like to see that with this movie. Cute cat, cute dogs, upbeat beautiful music, dark turns, fun adventures, I think it would be really good! I mean, yeah they can always end up messing it up, but I think that they can actually touch up this story and people might like it being the story gets slightly confusing at some points. So yeah, big ye for me.

The Nightmare Before Christmas
Put your god damn pitchforks down. I get it, its a beautiful movie, its fun, its gain a HUGE cult following thats insanely huge and you cant touch up clay animation at all!.. buuut this could be fun live adaptationed. Think about it, They have technology to make people look like characters now, and I think it would be cool to see them in a live adaptation scenario, and the characters in my opinion I dont think would look BAD infact they might look good IF Tim Burton runs alot of the operaion. I might think he is a bad director for things he shouldnt touch like Alice in Wonderland, this though is his actual WORK and why would he wanna heck it up? It would be creepy, and I think it would be fun and it can be done right to a perfection. Also I would love to see The Boogy Woogy Man if im being honest. He’d terrify the heck out of me but also jazz me away.

Maybe Im a hypocrite but let me explain. I can already see Chris Evans play Hercules. I can see Danny DeVito play Phil. If Im being honest, with the right casting I would like to see a new Hades. Of course, you cant top James Wood, hes terrific. But, with the right person, this could work well in my opinion! I would probably really enjoy these characters being played, and Disney knows how to make cool heroes and cool scenes, so they can definitely make the scenes they have in this look real and badass! So yes, please, to this.

The Emperors New Groove
YES please! I would have a hell lot of fun with a movie like this if they dont make Kuzco as a llama weird. John Goodman would be a perfect role for his character too and so would (I cant believe I am saying this) David Spade. Patrick Warburton too as Kronk would be perfect. I mean god rest her soul the woman who played Yzma, Eartha Kitt. I would have no clue how they’d replace her. But Im sure they will find a perfect replacement. I think this will be fun because Its hard to ruin something like this. They can make it even better in my opinion! I’d enjoy the heck out of this! :smiley:

Atlantis: The Lost Empire
This is my second favorite 2000s disney movie of all time. I will always ALWAYS love this. I though would love to see a live adaptation of this. Its written perfectly for one now with the technology there is nowadays, and it would be alot of fun! You wouldnt have to change alot about it either. It would be so much fun. Also my favorite disney girl is Kida and uh
I mean…


This is my favorite disney movie of ALL time. Like it beats Aladdin for me, I love it. Its a futuristic version of the original story and I love every second of it. Theres a scene that makes me cry everytime I see it too and I love it. Its so beautiful. If i could request anything from disney, it would be to make this REAL. Disney hated this project from the start and tried to kill it, but I know everyone whos seen it LOVES it and it would be KILLER to see live adaptation. Infact, I’d cry if I saw a trailer for it. Get James Cameron ont. tbe phone and lets make this a hecking thing please.

I hope you enjoyed my list. If you wanna fight, lets fight. Or just leave your comments down below. Ill happily read and reply to them :slight_smile: i love making these list so im just glad people seem to enjoy them too! Thank you, have a great day!!


set the category to #off-topic for you <3

also i really don’t know how I’d feel about a live action Pinocchio

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Hey I dont know either, but they’re making one. Sooooo might as well be optimistic for one of them.

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This is BASICALLY what Disney will do the next decade. (if it ain’t broke don’t fix it…I guess)
Especially, since the new streaming service is on the way. Treasure Planet would be soooooo DOPE as a live action film.


I’m all for Atlantis and treasure planet. Those are the kinds of movies which can I could work being live movies. However, the rest of the films sound kind of shaky. Hercules sounds like it could be a rather cliche action movie, but that’s just my 2 cents

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Live action hunchback is the only live action id wanna see everything else can stay animated

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