Discussion Page

It would be cool if each artist had their own discussion page. What I mean by that is people can comment on their overall account rather than an individual video. That way fans and artists could have a better communication. Just a thought.


Yeah it’s a good idea, but the problem is, some haters will just post stupid stuff on the person


This makes me think of…

S3 E1

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Yeah people could just talk trash but if the artist was the admin of his/her own discussion page then they could delete it. But then again u cant delete it all. It just depends how toxic and annoying the users are

no i like this idea, the artist hosting the page can filter out words, that they don’t want to see on their profile. that being said, can’t see this in an early version of v2.

@Ruddie I think that would be a great idea, we could post how an artist could improve their account, what would you like to see more of, & ideas for if they need any

I like the idea but think about the haters

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I like the idea but this kind of things will make the app heavy. I like it simple and light.

I mean now that we’re going to have teams and many more things.

That’s why the artist is admin of his or her own discussion page. They can approve certain comments or filter curse words or what not