Discussion of social platform aspects and their compatibility with v2

Browsing the forums and reading people’s suggestions made me think about other social media platforms and the things I believe they execute poorly. v2 is a blank canvas and Dom’s focus on transparency between corporate and consumer values is a great way to make a profitable yet user-approved artistic medium. While v2 will (hopefully) be unique it can still take on certain good qualities of other platforms that still might fit its theme. My question for you is this. What aspects do you like/dislike about any current social media that you feel v2 could learn from and better itself and why?

I like the advanced search option from Twitter. We need that to look for our Vs faster.
I dislike how YouTube manages the trendy page. Sometime a video with only 200views is in it and one that makes millions in just few hours won’t get in it.

I dont like that how some social network dont take care their people,like Youtube