“Discover” feature

I was thinking there should be some kind of randomizer feature to find new content. Maybe some kind of “Explore” button that’ll take you to a random video on the app. It would give people something to do while bored and keep people on the app longer.


There also could be a feature that focuses on videos or creators with a small audience


True but I mean this is more for if you wanna pass time bc most small accounts are bots and advertisers

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You’re right. A randomizer would be perfect.

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Maybe something similar to the “Swipe/Shuffle System” mentioned in All Ideas/Suggestions For V2


I think there should be something that helps small creators but not a random shuffle thing. On vine there were loads of useless vines (people testing the app for the first time, people recording food, people recording their floor, etc…). A lot of it would just be random things and not actual videos.

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I think that you should be able to submit videos onto the explore page and then the v2 crew/Dom should pick.

The problem with submitting videos is that, everyone would want to submit their vids.

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True but there should be a limit in how many people submit it a day and how many videos you can submit.

Maybe not so much of a randomizer but more of a diverse suggestion feed. This would help to make V2ers and viewers find more content.


I think some time of randomizer is a pretty good idea. I don’t know if it should be completely random, because then yeah maybe it would be shuffling through a lot of spam videos, but there’s something to this idea.

An explore button will definitely be cool. Need it to be better than instagrams explore page though, I liked a picture of a football team once like half a year ago and my explore page still shows that football team and it’s kinda dumb…
Need to be able to explore through categories I think, sort by new to oldest, most popular and things like that :+1:t2:

It would definitely help smaller artists get discovered


Yeah, i like the idea, is a great option to the small Artist get known

I love explore features, it’s all I do on insta :joy:

Totally agree with a feature like this, it will help everyone increase their following, might also give new user the opportunity to have their break!!

A “Suggested Artists” feature would be cool! Where you get to see smaller accounts that are similar to other artists you follow.
A bit like Instagram, where they recommend certain people to follow based on what you like and who your friends follow :thinking::thinking:

There DEFINITELY should be an option for artist with a smaller audience to be discovered. Without it, it would hurt the app in the long run if users only see artist with larger audiences. This would discourage artist who are just familirizing themselves with the app.

If playlists are added, there could be a discover weekly playlist similar to that of Spotify.

That would be really helpful