Discord gc bcs i need friends

so my discord ibfs r always in drama and it rlly annoys me basically i cant trust many of them bcs they added me to a gc in the past shitting on me :heart_eyes_cat:

so basically im making a discord gc for byte people! preferably for those who are considered alt, cottagecore, skater, lgbtq, etc. U MUST BE 13+ BCS I NEARLY GOT BANNED FROM DISCORD FOR HAVING UNDERAGED PEOPLE IN MY SERVER

drop ur discord below if u wanna join :smirk_cat:



Ricekrispies69. I think it’s that😂

@Imgay @Ciara @chlamydiaa join us

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whats ur tag

im really really sorry if this is in the wrong place - i genuinely have no idea how this works and the welcome discobot thing has stopped working - it asked me to search for capybara to find the next step but it says no results found when i do that and i cant find any other topics/posts that talk about this or a general welome thing to reply to so im just replying to to the top one i found sorrryyyyy
while im here tho id love to join the discord my tag is they-ra#2276
ill totally take this down if its in the wrong place but can someone point me in the direction of someone who can help please and sorry again

u need to read and reply to posts to be able to make topics

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oh right do you need like a badge to be able to do that?

no, you’ll earn a trust level once you read and reply enough

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oh right okay thank you for that - haha hope i havent broken a rule by posting this in here i would love to join ur discord chat thing if thats allowed?

ill make the gc when more people want to join and nono its fine i first asked what to do in a post abt unpopular opinions lol

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lmfao at least it aint just me then :slight_smile: and alright thanks


there do be a byte discord if yall wanna join. theres some pretty cool ppl there as well. just make SURE to follow the rules :))


I always forget about that then just pop in when someone posts about it and reminds me



i wanted to make a groupchat not about byte i just need better friends

i see how it is geo :pensive:


you didn’t @ me : (