Discobot Roll Dice

Discobot will randomly roll dice using the following command:

@discobot roll 2d6

The first part “@discobot roll” must always remain constant. The first number in the above case “2” refers to the number of dice being rolled. The next part of the command “d” must also be unchanged. The second and final number “6” refers to the maximum value each dice can represent.

Therefore the command “@discobot roll 4d100” will prompt discobot to respond with four numbers each pertaining a value between one and one hundred.


:game_die: 6, 5

:game_die: 3, 3, 2, 1

Hi! To find out what I can do, say @discobot display help.

@discobot roll 6d6

:game_die: 3, 5, 2, 1, 2, 2

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this is so cool :heart_eyes::sunglasses::joy: