🙁 Disappointing News — The "Other" Apps?

Musical.ly seems like a better platform than Oevo and Vero. Just tried it out today, it’s pretty fun and I’m probably the oldest person on there lol.


Were you doing the lip-syncing on it? Or just general non-lip sync comedy?

I’m gonna be focusing on just uploading non lipsync generic v2 like comedy videos

Alright, so I’ve been working on this app as a side project for a while. I truly believe in this app so from now on, I’m going to work full time on this. If you want to help in anyway you’re more than welcome. If Dom sees this post I hope he’ll support this project, it would be an amazing motivation. Here’s the link if you want to check out the app : Viral App
If you have any ideas or suggestions please let me know!
Thank you :slight_smile:

What about for Android

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Unfortunately, it is only available on the Apple App Store for now. I’m working hard to bring you an Android version as soon as possible !

This is so sad! Can we hit 1000 revines


I’ve actually seen some oollllld men on their so I don’t think you’re the oldest hahahaha :joy:

I’m 35 and on musically with 375k followers so don’t worry about age. I’m also a top creator on oevo and it’s always being updated to fix stuff and it will continue to do so and it has a lot of ex viners that were big etc so if the community grows the app does better and the updates come thick and fast I haven’t had any issues with the owners of the app and it’s the closest thing we have now to vine now it’s not coming. Plus we need to stop comparing apps to vine and accept new stuff I guess

Instagram isn’t really oriented for creators, it’s mainly for everyday use. YouTube is, but you really can’t get anywhere by posting 10 second videos

Just a thought.

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Vine wasn’t oriented for the creators neither, that’s why they got shut down mainly.

best of luck to everybody :+1:

I made a video about the V2 announcement which also includes a review of OEVO: https://youtu.be/_0UsqfGO9pw

It’s a bit long (nearly 20 minutes), but I had a lot to say about it. :slight_smile:


Try making vine compilations

I have a tiny bit of hope but I am loosing it because we went months without updates and got this which means there’s copyright which makes this pretty hard.

Zen is a alright app, the creators are a bit immature and unprofessional though. Deleted the app because they kept sending out notifications when Instagram was deleting accounts like ‘OUR app doesn’t delete innocent accounts!’, it was very annoying.

Thats awfully rude and negative… Your basically calling people that use other apps talentless. Thats incredibly rude, how would you like it if I called your youtube channel trash? The creators of these other apps are working with Dom to improve their products. They worked very hard on it and its just rude to call it trash. Please think about that so the forums can stop being a war zone.

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Wait, Vero?

I’m pretty sure Vero is best compared to Instagram, and definitely not the v2 project or vine. And plus, Vero was first launched in 2015. Just fact checking. : P

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You are literally replying to all of his posts…leave him alone…he was directly bullied by oevo supporters so of course he will feel a certain way…oevo breeds nothing but negativity EVERYWHERE


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Excuse me, but I don’t see it that way. All Tom has done was stated there’s too much OEVO on this forum. This is the v2 community forum, not the OEVO forum.