🙁 Disappointing News — The "Other" Apps?

Dom said this in his sad announcement today:

In the mean time, if you’re missing the original Vine experience, please try some of the other apps that have sprung up lately. I’ve been in touch with the teams behind some of them and will see if there are any ways we can help out. Similarly, if your team is working on a service that is in this space, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me if you want to exchange ideas.

I believe he’s referring to Oevo and Vero. They are both horrible, buggy apps, and the community is very small and boring. They are nothing like Vine, just bad knock-offs. Why would Dom spend time reaching out and helping these people with their apps — both of which tried to impersonate and slander V2 — instead of investing that time into V2? Doesn’t make any sense to me.

Probably the best place to do your thing is on Instagram or YouTube. They are established platforms that have a large community. That’s where I plan to invest my energy, not on these Vine knock-off apps.

Well, it was fun reminiscing about Vine and dreaming about a new Vine for the last 6 months with all of you. The community that sprung up here just shows how stupid it was for Twitter to shut down Vine instead of retooling it. Plus, I re-connected with a lot of my old Vine pals on Instagram and YouTube recently. So it wasn’t all for nothing.

Peace out! :v:t3:


I’m definitely not going to be using Oveo and Vero.


I tried more YouTubes after vine went down, and I don’t even get 10 views a video anymore. YouTube hates the short, funny vine format, only a select few like ProZD made it


i am most definitely trying out Oevo… I mean… Youtube and Instagram are already way saturated… its best to put out your work on a new app and increase ur chances to go big rather than going around in circles on Youtube and Instagram


Sorry, but I couldn’t disagree with you more about Oevo. That app is trash and the creators are shady as f. No one is going to get “big” on that app because it’s so bad and the developers don’t have the talent to make it anything close to what Vine was.


you have a STRONG point on there, and Its just my desperation talking tbh… if only there were another app that have vine-like format, and currently that’s only Oevo


I get you. For me, I was simply curious. After seeing what happened, I don’t think I’ll be doing much on that app. :grin:

+1 on the promoting thing. It is strange that he’d promote the apps that pretty much ripped off of the Vine idea. Anywho, I’ll try somewhere else. Might as well try to collect somewhat of a following so when v2 does come along, I’ll have something to go off of, I don’t know :/.


That’s good thinking/planning… Tho where would u Jump on at

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Gonna try oevo. Had to update my phone to the latest ios version for it to work. Even if it is really buggy, it’d be best to gain a following then possibly change platforms or something.

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I think I’m going to be use youtube and musically for now, musically is at least visually pleasing and has a lot of users already.


YouTube and Musicl.ly are probably the best options as of now for short video content.

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Why aren’t more people interested in COUB?

I’ve been using it and posting videos there for almost a year now — I’ve even got one Coub that’s topped 750k views — and I absolutely love it.

As much as I loved Vine and as much as I was looking forward to V2, I must say that Coub has become one of my all-time favorites.

That app kinda looks cool the…not bad

Yeah, there’s some really great stuff on there, I’ve even found many famous old Vines have been able to live on in Coub. The way the music can play on allows you to get more creative and makes it feel more like you’re watching a continuous video instead of just a loop.

“Other” apps will have to do. Since @dom suggested using other apps, the delay could be a long one.

I hope you do well man! Also, feel free to come back anytime!

Well… there’s hope. Me and my brother thought about bringing back vine to life when Twitter announced they were gong to shut it down, and stepped back when Dom announced v2. Maybe we can bring back the idea. What y’all think?

++I mean bringing back the community of vine in a new app of course. And making baby steps, there’s no way we can host dozens of millions of clips all at once.

He didn’t name drop, therefore it’s impossible to infer anything. If the apps are buggy and just overall garbage then why would he endorse them? But then again, maybe not giving any names actually let’s him endorse them without mentioning them specifically, if you know what I mean. I don’t know. What I do know is that nothing will beat the original.

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Literally same we’re all desperate af