Disappearing replies?

i have noticed that I will reply to someone in comments only to come back later and the comment be gone. It doesn’t happen every time, but often enough to be annoying. Especially when I thought I was kinda witty and then cant remember the exact phrasing. :crazy_face:

Not sure if this is an auto-mod thing or something else but I thought I would put it out there to see if anyone else noticed.


It’s not a bug (I don’t think) but more of a usability issue - the comment submit button (circular button with arrow) is relatively small and if u press a bit over it, it closes the comment textfield view - and u think u submitted it, but in reality, u exited out of it - happens to me a lot - at least on iOS iPhone :blush:


Yeah - i create iOS apps and I see these usability issues all the time :blush::gift_heart:


Oh! So good to know! Hopefully they will make adjustments but until then I will be extra cautious. Thanks! :blush:


UPDATE: they are DEFINITELY disappearing. I have been extra careful and reconfirming that it posted and I will go back later and it will be gone.

Frustrating but not catastrophic. Hopefully it’s an easy resolution.

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This has happened to me and I keep thinking my comments are getting deleted

“Did I say something wrong??” :sob:

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Right?!:joy: I think maybe there is a rouge auto-mod.