Direct messaging on Byte!?

We’ve been asking for in-app DM’s for the better part of a year now. BUT we have DM capabilities right here on the forums!

I’ve not heard anything about this until today. Has byte ever mentioned this option? Is this the Byte DM’s that we get? That would be fine with me. I just think it’s weird that I’ve heard a lot of complaints about this specifically, and now I find DM’s in the forums just sitting here not being talked about.

To streamline these forum DM’s a little more, maybe Byte could put a button on user profiles that redirects us to the Byte forum direct messaging service, exactly like the button in our profile settings that takes us to the forums home page.



That’s a really smart idea, but they announced that they started working on dms as of a couple weeks ago so hopefully coming soon


People also talked about integrating peach so we could use the peach dms back when @gemikun started the peach wave


@dom byte dms ? :+1:t4:


Byte dm’s it’s :100: a better Idea, people want to get in touch more easily, and the messages are going to achieve that. Byte forums works better for giving ideas and talk about things with a large group of people, So I think that it would be better to have dm’s.

I wonder if the forums will die out even more once in app dms become a thing

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I believe that the forums are not going to Exist once the app becomes a big thing.

? The app is already a thing


The app is amazing, but a lot of people don’t know about it. Let’s be Real, the app is not yet what it should be.

We all know that we want Byte to be a great competition for Tiktok, and maybe further on the Future the app is going to be greater than TikTok. For know let’s say the truth and we should agree that the app needs more people to be a thing like you said.

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I’ve heard that the dm option is already being implemented :full_moon_with_face:image0-1~3

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Where’d you find that!?

It’s a cropped screenshot of a discord message on the byte discord, idk if the person that sent it is a developer or not but it seems like the option is already there🙈

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Yes there’s DMs I have conversations with mods here when I’ve been “naughty” :joy:


I second this idea, i’ve been asking for Byte DMs for months, and I think Dom and the Team will come up with a fantastic DM design!

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Byte dms are only going to to be useful if we can send bytes to each other through them. If we can’t whats the point smh.


It would be nice too if we could record and send videos that aren’t actually posts


Probably the easiest solution for that is the ability to set videos to friends (mutuals) only