Direct Messages have been enabled

Another note for member status: The current setting on the dm/pm thing counts the message as a post, so if you start a dm with another user you can’t start a post or a second dm.


So DM’ing counts to your post count?

Ok then😁

Is there a way to go up in trust levels? Only being able to post one topic every day is killing me :joy:

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Awesome! I feel so TRUSTED!

Hey check out this thread doe more info about the levels and many other things in the forums

This is so cool, DMs are great

thanks dom

Thank you!

Thanks dom :grin:

Thats great! Why am I just seeing this now? :joy:

How do you gain trust?

Stay active and helpful. There are no exact guidelines on how to earn it based on requirements so that just comes from using the forums, but you can also be promoted to different levels if the mods notice you are being active, kind, helpful, etc.

Ohk! How many levels are there, Dom?

check out this thread

THis is really helpful, thanks kaden


I have a question are we gonna be allowed to long in with our old account???

Our old vine accounts? If that’s what you’re mentioning then no we won’t be able to sign in with our old accounts because it will be a completely different app from it. Everyone’s gonna be at square 1 starting at the same point :+1:t4:

That’s exactly what this app needs.

Square 1, everyone starts from 0

thats great man