Digital Zoom

What do you think about “digital zoom” on V2? Is this good idea or this shouldn’t be there?


Can you explain this further?

Do you just mean zooming in and out?


Digital zoom is something you’d find on point-and-shoot cameras and phones, it’s just holding down a button to make something appear closer. Optical zoom is found on DSLR’s physical lens. As you turn the lens more, it either increases or decreased the focal length, the higher the focal lengtth, the more zoomed in, the lower it is the more zoomed out. I’ll try and find some examples :slight_smile:

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Optical mimics the eye, putting things in and out of focus:

Digital is just magnification:


I think this would be a great idea, especially since it aids in the creation process. One less step for someone who needs the zoom or magnification for their video to have an actual zoom function on the app.


I like the idea, but after reading the replies I’m still a little confused, can someone further elaborate

It’s just zooming in and out to make the picture bigger or smaller :stuck_out_tongue:


Oh I was confused I thought there was a difference…:sweat_smile::sweat_smile:


Reading around I found digital is a software form of zooming that crops a section of the picture to enlarge it (mimicking zooming in, and out), but that brings pixel distortion. Optical is a physical lens magnify.

Hopefully thats correct, the way I worded it :sweat:

@owi I wouldn’t mind the option, but I would actively try for a clearer ability to zoom in.


If we’re talking about the ability to zoom while filming, I’m 99.9999% certain it’ll be included as standard, and I’m certain it was mentioned in an interview with @dom that you will be able to import your clips from other recording apps and editing software, not just record strictly with the v2 camera.

If we’re talking about the ability to zoom in on someone else’s clip as we watch, I don’t think that’ll be a feature.

Also I will be back once I find the article I was talking about to give you all that link, so stay sharp.

“Videos will range from 2 to 6.5 seconds, and smoothly loop over and over. They can be captured with your phone or uploaded from your camera roll — permitting clips edited in other apps or professional software.”

The Article

There we go! Have fun reading through, there’s a lot of helpful information in it. The part you’re looking for is under a subtitle of “The videos”.

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Wait, actually the ability to zoom in on someones video would be so unique. THIS HAS TO HAPPEN!

Ok, so what you’re asking is if v2’s camera will have digital zoom.

If v2’s camera allows zooming in (like Snapchat’s camera for example) then yes, of course, digital zoom will be a feature. Optical zoom would only be available on certain phones though, like the iPhone X for example.

It would be a very difficult and rather pointless ability. To be able to zoom on moving videos is already difficult, but in zooming on a moving image, the quality is completely lost and will become pixelated beyond recognition with movement.

At best, you might be able to enlarge to full screen, but I’m pretty sure it’s already going to be in a full vertical screen display.

I was thinking the same thing, if not I’m going to need a little bit of clarification but I’ pretty sure he just means zooming in and out.

I think digital zoom would certainly help in the recording process.

Snapchat and Instagram do this even while recording.

A “moving image”? You mean a video or GIF? It’s not hard at all, considering it’s digital zoom.

No no, please re-read. I stated that a digital zoom while filming is perfectly doable and will almost certainly be included.

What I was saying in those quotes was that it’ll be difficult to be able to make the app in such a way as to allow zooming in someone else’s video as a viewer , and that it isn’t really necessary.

It is possible, but I see no practicality to it, as when zooming in on someone else’s pre-recorded video, unless they have a higher resolution than the standard video display that v2 uses, you’ll end up just pixelating the video.

@ryze I’ve made three replies to this post before the one you replied to and quoted, to clear this up.