Difficulty uploading from camera roll

Is anyone else experiencing this?

Trying to upload a video from my camera roll and I get a never ending loading screen. Spinning green circle on black screen. Nothing happens

I try uploading a video I have already posted in this manner last month and I am experiencing the same thing, so it’s not an issue with a specific video file

Okay I got it to work. But that was weird. I think all I did in between attempts was closing and reopening the app

I’m having the same problem, only i deleted the app and redownloaded to see if it would help, didn’t help. I tried opening and closing, won’t work. No matter what I do at all I am not able to upload anything.

I just updated the app and now it’s doing the same thing to me😖 and also wont let me post anything I film using the app editor either.

It’s widespread…its happening to Android users… all I think

App doesn’t open

Its happening because of the update

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