Differences between here and similar apps

Hi im @cederian(byte name). I think I genuinely enjoy Byte’s sense of instant feedback where content creation is concerned. Ive been posting rather frequently since joining like 2-3 days ago. Each time its so weird. Because the community is actively engaging one another. And there isn’t this sense of competition that TikTok fosters.

  1. I don’t feel judged for making random skits about a guy(me) joking about being suicidal(only sorta) or any random content that pops into my head at that moment. Nor do i feel any pressure to participate in trends/spam hashtags just to get noticed.
  2. I can better enjoy the content i do make without being pressured to make it longer(though sometimes. I feel like an extra second could only increase the quality)
  3. Though the R4R is annoying. And im hoping byte deals with that in a timely manner(lest we repeat the mistakes of vine) im glad that people are genuinely posting content that makes them happy. While the people of Byte actually support the content i.e. likes, comments, ect.
  4. I never have to question if im banned or just not posting correctly(l instantly know and can tell if anyone is seeing the content im posting). And thats reassuring.

Glad you are enjoying your time on Byte, and the whole team is working hard to fix these issues!

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We know right? I would love to see So Much Fixes Month by Month.


Now that’s what I call ‘wholesome.’ :blush:
The community here is pretty great. I know how you feel!