Difference between Android and iOS speeds

I used to use Vine on Android and when the story mode thingy was introduced (Multiple 6 second videos to make a story), I liked watching them but one thing that bothered me was the lack of fluidity. There was always a .3 second buffer every time the new vine popped up and it made the story less enjoyable. My sibling who was on iOS pulled up the same story, and her’s was completely fluid, there were no small buffers in between. Just asking to see if anyone knows if it was just my phone, or was it the different OS?


A multitude of things could have effected why hers ran smoother and not yours. V2 is a whole new app so hopefully we will see major changes with the layout and playback quality.

Yeah hopefully it will be fluid on all devices, it seemed like a multitude of people with Android were experiencing small buffers

I reckon they’re primarily designed for iOS, Dom has an iPhone X currently

It wouldn’t be the OS, but either your phone or the way the original Vine app was coded. There could’ve been other factors as well, such as the ability to connect to Vine servers. It will be recreated from scratch, so at this point, it would be impossible to determine how it will turn out.

Darn Iphone users amirite

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oh god i cannot stress enough how much i would love it if there was an equal development for both android and IOS. would suck if one OS has an advantage over the other smh

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Cough Cough Snapchat

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YES exactly! ugh

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exactly :confused:

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one thing i have noticed between ios and android is the quality of uploads. On twitter, instagram, pretty much every social media site, android uploads are grainy and lower quality than the original photo thats being uploaded, i noticed it in my posts

I think its an OS thing

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We can only hope that it will be very fluid on Android. My guess is if they are both each built from the ground up instead of building it on one platform and importing it to the other; it will be a much better experience :grin:

I used to have an iPhone so at the time it was fine I have an android right now so I hope it’s not crappy