Did you have a band in high school/college and if so, why did you suck?

I had a band called John and Sam: The Greatest Band Ever and we sucked because Sam never showed up for one rehearsal.


In high school yes, the group was called “Unity of Cube Tube” silly name we had around8 members. Drama and arguments – definitely was a headache. A couple of members complained about the name so we changed it to “Goals of Ours”, others didn’t take the band serious so it eventually fell off…until this day all wants a reunion! :stuck_out_tongue:

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  • silly name
  • we had around 8 members.
  • drama and arguments

scratches chin
was it a ska band?


Lmao yes!


Yes. An emo band.

We sucked because none of us could sing.


I was in a band but it sucked because it was at a youth group


only band i was in was the school band in middle school and i hated it but i finally got to quit when i finished middle school. :sunglasses: :ok_hand:


I was in like a lot of school music ensembles and my clearest memory of playing trumpet in the school stage band was my trumpet teacher walking around the room being like “You know what you all sound like to me??? A bunch of private school girls playing jazz!!!”

We were in fact, a bunch of private school girls playing jazz. That was apparently why we sucked.


My band teacher wouldn’t let clarinets into jazz band, dESPITE them being the original jazz instrument, but I did every other form of band (pep, winter percussion [as a synth], pit orchestra, marching band, wind ensemble) and made his life generally unpleasant by also getting into band council.


My violin teacher was always really mad that I also did trumpet as a side hustle and she’d always hit me with the ‘jack of all trades, master of none’ incomplete quote to pressure me to quit trumpet and I never did! Music people are wild and jazz people are pure fucking crazy. Whiplash was such a good movie because it was so accurate


My clarinet teacher when I was like ten used to semi frequently threatened to chop me up and feed me to his cats if I didn’t practice and at the time I thought it was funny but looking back now that probably wasn’t okay.
So wild.


Same thing with Devyn. I was in band in middle school but I hated it so much that I changed to chorus in 8th grade lmao I played the French Horn and my band teacher secretly took a video of the band playing a song and then he played it back and you can clearly hear one French hornist who was off key :joy: that’s when it hit me, I suck at playing instruments lmfao so I did chorus and that sucked too but in its own way so I won’t get into that here lol


Why… are music teachers… like that

I feel like it’s more common with like specific instrument teachers rather than general music teachers


I was never in a rock band or anything but here’s my experience. I was very obsessed with rock bands in my jr. high days where I begged my mom to buy an electric guitar and til this day, it’s just collecting dust in my room because it hurt my fingers wayyyyy too much :sob: :joy: I only played that thing for like 2-3 months where my mom even put me in guitar lessons.

I also played the clarinet from 6th grade to sophomore year of high school in marching band. I mainly chose the instrument to be like Squidward :woman_facepalming:t2: :joy:

The only thing I still play is the piano :heart_eyes:


In high school I was briefly the lead singer in a band called “Bacon for Sale.” And while I agree that is the best band name ever, we sucked because we only played two gigs, we only knew covers, and our drummer was a Spanish teacher. Not one of the cool ones.


I’m obsessed with bands where there is one dude clearly older than all the rest. I think Taking Back Sunday was that way.


I was in the Fightin’ Texas Aggie Band a looooong time ago. But I can honestly say I know what it feels like to be a rockstar because of it.

Imagine a totally silent stadium with 70-100k people, who leap to their feet and start yelling, going nuts.

You can literally feel the air pressure change on the field. It’s one of the most amazing things ever.

Aggie Band

You can watch the whole thing, or just skip to the ~4:15 mark and watch the 4 way cross through.

It looks insane, and is even crazier in the middle of it.

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