Did you guys heard about a new app call TikTok

^^ I agree. Well said.

This Is Why I want @dom To Work Faster On Byte APP :(((((((

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No, we don’t. More time and effort being put into this will lead to a well-executed app.

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Salam, Well He designed app similar to previous Vine app but i think he is adding new features. What if he release an app till Jan 2019 and keeps updating which things are needed later. ( If you understood what im trying to say )

I believe he’s trying to balance the app release out. So firstly, he, the team behind byte, family and friends are testing it out, then the forum will beta test, then the initial release will follow. I do believe he’s rolling it out like this because he wants opinions of those closest to him before taking it out into the real world - which I agree with. This is developing an app, not whipping up a grilled cheese. It’s harder than it seems and requires A LOT of time and effort, even if the said person is experienced. I know this because I’ve done a project in which I had to create a website in and the amount of codes and test runs we did was unbelievable. Website turned out crap, still :sweat_smile::joy:

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Ohh :joy::joy::joy: Comone , now you made me believe to let dom take more time :stuck_out_tongue: , All i meant was to release it as soon as possible because i hate when other apps tries to get bytes place like i bet you understand what i’m saying. There is a fake v2 App on Appstore nowadays which i Downloaded and directly uninstalled because i hated it as it was @dom 's idea. Thank God atleast Keemstar said on his channel that @dom is Co Creator of vine and he will release that app once again by name byte. I’m hella hyped for this app. I joined this forum the day it was released to public still waiting for byte to come out. Previous viners uploaded there old vines on TikTok and i hated them for doing that coz no app can replace byte. Most of tiktok users are there because of vine because when u search by #Vine there is alot of videos on that.

Dom stated that if those apps perform better than byte, we should not get upset. Yes, it was his idea, but the app’s popularity depends solely on the user experience.

And the community!

Like damn we got such a good one right here, imagine us moving in on byte …it’ll be wonderful

Let’s get 1 billion byte users

Will be waiting for our time xD

For sure Tik tok it’s the new v2… for little kids obviously

i wanna be tracer

tb to this

Tiktok will only be a ke$ha song to mr

mr. who?

new tiktok vid