Did Dom decide if it was square or portrait?

I know that there is a poll going on but I’ve been seeing people say that they’ve already started making content. So was just wondering if I missed a forum post/ a tweet from the v2 twitter account about a confirmation or something.


It’s most likely going to be square

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I’m sure he’s said both in an interview and on Twitter he was leaning towards full screen portrait mode.

If so that’d kind of defeat his entire plan for the forums. Since the forums were made to make the app FOR the users/future creators. Square was voted for way more, so if he does do it portrait it would kind of make me question if these forums were just for show. It’d make me think that he’s gonna go down the exact same path vine did where they don’t listen to people/creators.

Hopefully not, hopefully it is square since that was the most voted for.


Im pretty sure @ sOme point he said there would be an option for either

id be fine with whatever tho would be nice if we had a confirmation so we could start makin dat content


I hope it’s square over portrait but I don’t think he’s come to a decision


i heard that he said that he was trying to go for portrait… but i’m not sure. i do hope so tho !

are there any links to a tweet or interview where he said he’d do portrait? i don’t remember any. I just need to see it to believe it :sweat_smile:

Nothing has been confirmed yet


I dont know, I think that would be an square

idk,i thought it was portrait.

i really hope its square, but portrait wouldnt be awful

It’d be nice if it was like instagram where the videos can be any size but still somewhat have a limit.

Here’s the one I was thinking of:

“Hofmann says there will be no color filters, face filters, or geo filters, so you won’t be able to create perfectly manicured selfie videos, don dog ears, or highlight where you are. Prototypes have shown videos captured in vertical full-screen, and users will be able to flip to and from selfie mode while recording.”

And here’s the full article/interview if you’d like to take a look.


He didn’t say that in an interview. They gathered that information because he posted 6 second videos on his twitter page that were in portrait mode.

I’ll say it again: thank God that there will be no filters. Vine was great because it did not allow these stupid fucking things. As Steve Jobs always said, it’s difficult to say no to a feature, but Apple engineers try to say NO as much as possible, which is why Apple products are so successful.


aw helll noooo no filters pls haha

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well, not anymore :sweat:

no worries on the filter thing, I’ll just record my content on snapchat and then transfer it over :slight_smile: can’t bear to part with my dancing hotdog