Did anyone see the Casey Neistat interview today?

Did anyone see the Casey Neistat interview today?
What did you think?

I dont know who is

Check out this thread

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As well as this thread (I was the first to post about it, though :sweat_smile:)

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The interview didn’t give that much quality info tbh


What kind of info did you want to hear about? I am in agreement; it wasn’t enough (it was an executive talking, so it was pretty broad and the questions didn’t ask for too many specfics)

You could see in his face when answering certain questions that he was avoiding the truth, and he had this nefarious smile when regarding some pretty serious stuff.

Really? I didn’t see that

3:20 seconds in when answering the question regarding how it got to the trending page, he finishes explaining saying there were a lot of factors and just smirks in a way that screamed ‘oh we know exactly why :heavy_dollar_sign::heavy_dollar_sign::heavy_dollar_sign:

Yeah, serious news and interviews is not Casey’s strong suit. My takeaway was go subscribe to Elle Mills and buy this dude’s book! :joy: Hopefully it does open the door for other YouTubers who can ask the hard questions and press for answers to do more interviews with the people running things at YouTube.

Hmm… will have to get back to you on that later

Might just me projecting my suspicions onto the guy :joy:

Well, you might be onto something :joy:, but we won’t know for sure until I look at it