Development Streaming on Twitch

As everyone should know,

Dom’s gonna be streaming the development of v2 on Twitch. I think it’s going very underappreciated at the moment because most don’t realize how much work goes into it. It’s also a great opportunity to learn about Swift, which is a fairly new programming language, because who knows? Maybe one day you’ll want to code your own app. Don’t pass by the opportunity to learn in a fun Twitch stream rather than a boring 50 minute long YouTube video!


I’ll watch it. That’s next sunday I think.

Oh did he say what times he’ll be streaming? I didn’t catch that

He didn’t. Actually he deleted the post about it. But he said the sunday after next sunday.

Oh coolio, hopefully my twitch notifications will work lol

Being able to watch development sounds cool, we could learn a new thing or two about coding

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Especially with a language for coding apps, they’re usually easy to learn

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plus it such a fairly new language

I want to know how to code. How often do new programming languages appear?

They’re pretty frequent, but not all languages really make it “big time”

I don’t know that but it’s pretty fun. I loved my programing classes.

Holy crap nice profile picture :ok_hand:t4:

You know I’ve met somebody who has made there own language and its written with emojis haha.

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Cough Cough Webdings

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?? Idk much about coding haha

that is wierdly interesting, coding with emojis :joy:

A few things you need to know:

  • It’s a pain on the eyes
  • Your fingers hurt after a while.

Similar to crypto?

Do you know the days?

ahh its me i wasnt really confident so i took a random pic, i need to get used to myself bc of v2