Depression sucks. Advice?

Hiiiiiiiii. Rommie here. Idk what’s rlly going on w me atm. Uhm I know this isn’t therapy but I do feel somewhat comfortable to share apart of myself w you all. Right now it’s not the greatest time for me and I can’t exactly pin point what is making me feel the way I am feeling. I just know I’m feeling it. One of the biggest reasons I think, is the fact that I’m rlly worried I’ve given people on byte the wrong impression of me. I question myself if I’m giving the right version of me in my videos, or in the chat rooms w other creators, friends I’ve made on byte. I find myself changing at times or doing things differently just to be accepted when so many ppl tell my I am already. Insecurities is a big part of it also. I also feel like since byte launched, I’ve been in some type of twilight zone or even some dream that I don’t wake up from. I wake up, Byte. Go to school, Byte. Come home, Byte. It’s byte 24/7 and I love it but I feel like I forgot about the real world and who I was at the start of this. And the crazy part is, that it wasn’t that long ago. I’m not beta, I joined the 26th of January and have been enjoying every moment since. But why do I feel this way? What’s changed? I don’t know. I just don’t like the way I’m feeling right now and I was wondering if anyone else has felt the same way maybe? I’m sorry for rambling and I’m sorry I say sorry a lot. I’m just a sad boi who doesn’t have the answers he’s looking for…


in my opinion you didn’t give anyone any kind of wrong impression! you’re kind and supportive! sorry to hear you’ve been feeling this way. I get reeeally seasonally affected myself and it’s definitely not always easy.


First I wanna say I’m glad your personality is in my daily life so don’t change. I mean this on byte/chat rooms/ forums.
All I have ever seen is love heading your way. So no worries there.

As for depression. I tend to have 2 weeks cycle with feeling like I can take on the world to I’m not doing the right moves in life and I’m shit.

Since I’ve been on byte that cycle has smoothed itself out. Just like you I live and breathe this app and community. I have never experienced anything like this before. Being that I have an overactive mind I tend to overthink things such as my likes slowing down. But then I’ll come across an account that has far far less engagement and activity. That usually picks my spirits up and reassures me that I’m on the right path cause it’s what I love doing.

If it comes natural then your in the right place. Which I personally believe you are.

I know I’m thankful for your presents.
Sorry for the rambling :blush:


Right there with ya. Vitamin D is huge for Mid West winters lol idk where your at but that where I am lol


Hey(: I struggle with depression and one if the suckiest parts is feeling terrible, lethargic, unmotivated, disconnected, etc. and not always have a good reason to justify it. Like my life can seem okay to someone outside but to me I’ll spiral out on a small thing that isn’t going right like a school assignment or losing my retainer or sometimes I’ll spiral out of nowhere and have no clue how to talk myself out of it or why I feel that way. I also tend to isolate myself from my friends when my depression and anxiety get bad, but I am aware that doesn’t help and try to push myself to reach out (like you are now). One of the best things that helps me pull myself out of a bad rut is hearing from people who go through similar problems and emotions and knowing I’m not the only one struggling and that my false image of everyone else being amazing except me is totally false. I just frequently forget that. I’m also starting counseling again soon and it’s definitely helped me in the past to have someone I can spill my guts to and know they’ll understand and have helpful strategies for me to cope. I think though the best advice I have is to, even in the worst pit of depression, talk to someone, reach out, call your sibling or parent, send a message here, even send me a message, because depression in isolation is hell and so much harder to pull out of.


From experience, the best therapy for depression is to talk to someone. People who suffer depression usually have this tunnel vision that they’re alone and no one’s there for them… Which is why you feel alienated and that you’re sensitive to doing wrong

The byte forums is good therapy because you talk to like minded people. You’re not alone. You’re accepted. It’s a community that doesn’t judge.

Part of it also is biological… You will feel bad not because of anything tangible sometimes… So you do need to talk to a professional.

But keep at what you’re doing… The feeling of alienation and hypersensitivity to social interacting is normal. The important thing is youre in a community.


Couldn’t agree more!!!


I thank you for your kind words :pleading_face: they mean the world to me especially right now. Thank you times a billion x

I just want to be the best Rommie that I can be, while being happy, you know?


Mike :pleading_face::pleading_face: literally crying over here. Thank you so much man, hearing these positive comments just make my heart feel so warm. I truly appreciate you so much. I totes feel you on the 2 week cycle thing. Except it’s every other five seconds, or so it seems. It’s a struggle being at war w your mind constantly. I am very thankful that you’re in my life through byte. Ppl like you, can be the reason why someone’s day gets ten times better. Thank you again, and just like you were here for me, my dms are always open to you :heart: And p.s. ty for reminding me that I am being myself, the fact that y’all like what I do sends me over the moon, seriously. I feel better already :heart::pray:t6:


Nothing but respect! I’m glad my experiences are helping others😊


Woah. Your message rlly hit home. I can relate to like every word you used. It’s a trip how ppl from all over the world go thru similar struggles or obstacles that eventually make that person better. Thank you for your words. I feel less alone and more understood. It’s scary when I feel like this, ngl. Everything feels unpredictable and like you said, nothing seems to make it feel better. Your advice really spoke to me and I Thank you for listening. There a difference with liking being alone, and feeling lonely. And before this I felt extremely
Lonely. Not anymore :sparkling_heart: the thing that stood out the most to me from what you said was when you mentioned that some people may think you’re fine but really it feels like you’re dying Inside from how sad and negative you feel. I felt that on many levels Bc with friends, that’s often times how I feel. But I appreciate you reaching out to me, and letting me know I’m not alone. I’m here for you too :heart: Tysm again. xx


:heart::heart::heart::heart: anytime​:slightly_smiling_face: (it also makes me feel better when I can help people)


Tunnel vision, yup. I can relate. I rlly appreciate you taking the time out of your day to comment on my post. The fact that anyone is, really is making me feel a whole lot better. Feeling alone sucks, but feeling alone while being against yourself sucks more. You’re right tho, talking does help. And professional help is something I need to look into because I’m tired of having really high days, and extremely low, lows. It’s not fun. It’s not healthy. And it needs to get under control. Having this community and being introduced to byte when I was was the greatest thing to happen to me. Days before byte launched, I was in the worst place of my life or so I thought. I had just lost my grandpa. And I didn’t know how to pick up the pieces. Clearly I didn’t do a good job Bc im still sad LMAO but what I’m
Getting at here is that this community really has saved me. So when I say thank you to @dom almost everyday, I mean that. I’ve met you wonderful ppl because of his app. Thank you man for reaching out. It means more than you prolly will ever know. x


Thank you all.


I don’t know you, so I won’t comment on you personality or if it changes or anything. But honestly, even if I did, I don’t think I need to. For years now, I’ve been with a partner with chronic depression. I have lived through it myself only a while back in high school too, and I know all too well how it feels.

First things first: Therapy is the most important thing. It can be hard to find affordable therapy, but you should research your options and really try to get to a professional. Even if it wasn’t depression, everyone needs therapy, even if most never realize or are too scared to try due to social stigma. I’ve been in therapy off and on since I was 11 years old, and I swear by it. We all have our things to deal with.

Second: This might sound weird, and I think it’s something I would bring to therapy, but… consider taking a break from byte. Take some time to analyze both yourself, and your goals. Why are you doing what you are doing on byte? Who are you, or who would you want to be, asides from other people’s opinion?

The way you presented it, it’s giving you mixed feelings. Loosing sight of why you are doing something will lead to burnout. Loosing sight of who you are/want to be can lead to what you are describing about “changing to be accepted”.

In adittion, sometimes we want something without knowing what it would really be like if we get it. “Be careful what you wish for cause it may just come true”. Maybe you wanted to be “A Byter”, but the idea you have of what a Byter is, is not something that makes you happy. Maybe you think you should do things in a way, but it’s a way that damages you.

Getting you know yourself truly, and what you really want and need is a long ass porcess, and it’s damn hard. It’s full of moments like this, when you feel bad enough that you are forced to actually tackle this annoying task of trying to improve your own intrapersonal abilities. It’s gonna suck… but you are going to come out stronger, and better equipped to keep yourself heatlhy and happy.

You can do this, and you always have this forums to come back to when you need us to remind you of that. We’ll be here while things are shitty.


I’ve struggled with depression my whole life and everything you’ve said is very, very familiar to me. I second and third the great advice above. Reaching out to friends and therapists helps immensely in these periods (the World Health Organization estimates that getting professional help can shave up to 2 months off a depressive episode, fact of the day). Therapy can also be really good for grieving a loved one, which is a messy, non-linear process that can actually trigger depressive periods.

So all in all: keep reaching out even when it’s hard, don’t listen to the isolating lies depression will tell you, be kind to yourself, and never doubt you have a community here that loves you for you, no matter what you’re going through. :heart:


I promise I’m gonna come back and respond to this when I stop crying Bc you just accessed a type of waterworks in my eyes I’ve never experienced, lol. All in the best ways of course, because I needed to hear all of that. Thank you so much. when I gather my thots, I shall return to give you the best thank you like ever :heart::balloon:


No problem dear, take your time, and don’t hestitate to reach me if you want to talk it out a bit. I’m no therapist, but I’ve got experience with lending a shoulder to someone with depression. I will help as much as I can.


Hurts to see you say this :persevere:

I was reading through the comments on this post a lot of positive motivation. I’m late but since many have provided decent feedback and advice…

I’ll reiterate once again you’re a highlighter (Spotlight Queen :crown: )… your impact/visibility makes Byte Community Shine :star2:.

Advice: Tupac said…
“There’s gon’ be some stuff you gon’ see that’s gon’ make it hard to smile in the future.
But through whatever you see,
through all the rain and the pain,
you gotta keep your sense of humor.
You gotta be able to smile through all this bullshit.
Remember that.” this quote is my key :closed_lock_with_key:


I’m talking about what I’ve learned in studying mood disorders over on tiktok. Sorry. It’s a longer format and a couple of people there may benefit.

Definitely do more normal things in public if possible. Not sure if you live in an unfriendly area. Break up the routine. Talk to someone if you can afford it. Or sometimes a church environment may be helpful even if you don’t fully believe in the dogma. In other words, find a real community. Much love.