am I the only one who has just not felt any motivation to post on byte? No? Just me? Ok. :disappointed:


Well, I mean, it is primarily just for fun and entertainment for everyone to enjoy. So I guess the motivation comes from doing it because it’s fun? If I get to make someone happy, then I’m happy.


Just create when you can!!


It happens, just don’t put pressure on yourself to be perfect and post the most edited videos! sometimes its the unedited videos, the raw and pure videos that people connect most with. And be yourself and dont feel the need to post every day, sometimes life gets in the way it’s all good :smile: just keep smiling.




Sometimes I feel that way, but it all depends on my mood, and the comments on my videos I see including messages encourages me. Since there are so many creators on a byte (I’d say 90%?) it’s like its own community you’ll get support from whomever. If you ever feel anyone or struggle the attention you on byte – byte has your back (meaning the creators + viewers with a good heart). Pump out videos when you can, you don’t have to be consistent.

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I mean I totally agree! There was a time where i was feeling extremely unmotivated to post on byte, but then I started meeting people of the byte community and they somewhat motivated me to push out some content. They were just extremely kind and helpful. I was also demotivated because i didn’t really know what to call my “content” at one point. Now i just be posting when i be posting lol. If you are feeling demotivated, i suggest reaching our to possibly byte creators and just have a chill conversation with them!