Delete Facebook (WARNING)

Cambridge Analytica which works with Trump Campaign has accessed over 50 millions of Facebook account. You don’t want Government and Trump to watch over your Facebook account and every move you make by accessing the front facing camera. So #DeleteYourFacebookAccount . If you need any prove then click this link


yes! it’s important people know about this.

I think Instagram may have the same problem bc they’re owned by Facebook :grimacing:

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So this is why everyone has been saying to delete facebook :confused:

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I don’t think they’re still able to access the information as the situation is being dealt with but the government is already watching us, whether we are aware of it or not.

They may not be watching you specifically but if you’re of special interest, best believe your every move is being watched. Unless you’re constantly googling how to find the silk road ,without a proxy, you should be good. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Also, facebook allowing the government to view us via front facing camera is misinformation. If that actually were to occur, we’d have a far bigger problem dealing with the phone manufacturers/operating systems

As far as Data Collection goes, virtually every (free) website you view collects your data. Often they state that they can and will ethically sell this data for proper opportunities. You can find this directly in the terms of service you agree too (in depth in privacy policies). Most people don’t read these which is why they have no clue. Facebook sold the data supposedly under the impression that it was being sold for research. The exploitation method used which caused this fiasco was prohibited in the first place.

There’s a lot of fearmongering and misinformation going around about this topic right now. If you’re deleting facebook because of how it handled the situation, by all means. If you’re deleting facebook because they collect data, be aware that virtually every free website collects data and you agree to it

Instagram -

Twitter -

Google & Youtube -

Twitch -

Snapchat (rip) -

Vine (rip) -

This is nothing to be afraid though. If the data is sold to a third party, it is anonymous (it is supposed to be). Of course, there is the risk that a third party company will exploit a loophole as what happened above but it will get solved, securities will be tightened and policies will be updated.

and of course, if you’re not down for your data to be collected (which is completely fine and your right), some of this sites allow you to turn that off (but you will use features) or you can stop using these sites as a whole


Can someone explain me what happen with Facebook?

idk if they’re spying on people? is there actually any proof i’m too lazy to read the article lol i’m sorry

i think Facebook is going to die out ngl

not many people under like 20 use it. I’m 14 and nobody i know in the age range 11-20 uses it

Idc if they watch me honestly… all I do is dance around in my room or sleep.

As far as I’ve read, they don’t have access to knew information so no they are not watching us, at least not in that way anymore. and Facebook is not the only service collecting and selling user information . Snapchat does this too. A company linked to Trump could very well be accessing snapchat’s user data but we’d never know until the information comes to light

How true is this?

Facebook isn’t going to die, they are too big… at the moment they own Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, Oculus VR,…



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I feel like it’s our fault tbh. When we created our accounts we checked the box saying that we have read and agreed to the terms of service and the privacy policy. Yeah it was wrong for Facebook to sell our information, but we brought this on ourselves.

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I stopped using Facebook and requested to have my account deleted several years ago, and other people have told me they’re supposed to actually delete your account after two years of non-use, but if I ever view something else on Facebook, it automatically has my email and password filled out. One time I accidentally hit enter, so it completely reopened my account with all of my old information and wanted me to scan my DRIVER’S LICENSE to prove my identity to delete the account. The account was deleted literally 5+ years ago!!! Why is that information still there? Creeps me out