Deepfake Technology To Manipulate Videos Found In TikTok

Knew that some app was going to do this. The fact that this is tik tok is no surprised right there, but I honestly thought it’d be some other app. Share you thoughts on this topic in the comments section below


I was never a fan of deep fakes. It’s dangerous tech that should never be used.


This is just my opinon, and my alone but I’m going to have to respectfully disagree on this one. Most of the deep fakes you can’t tell the difference. In due time news stations, movies, the dudes you hear on radio or podcast will be probably be 100% deepfakes via audio and video recordings 20 years from now. There will be downsides to this yes, but people already made fake photoshops and accounts on social media, emails, etc. This is was going to happen regardless.

Well this is terrifying.

As a woman, deepfakes are a thing I fear with my life. Revenge porn, cloud hacks and other sources of “not consensual sharing” of a woman’s body tend to have catastrophic consequences for the woman in question, even though absolutely non of it is her fault. Can you imagine how much damage you can cause to a person, but especially a woman, when using deepfakes? The fact that TikTok is already swarming with over-sexualized content by minors doesn’t make this any better. I’m glad the video said it’s not going to be implemented in the app, but the fact that it’s coded into it and fully functional is already bad enough

Also, once you mix deepfakes and politics, you enter apocalypse-level dread. Anti-vaxxers are right now one of the best examples of how dangerous miss-infomation and fake news have gotten. Now throw deepfakes into the mix. I already find it harder and harder to trust ANY pieces of news, because… how can I tell it hasn’t been edited? Video used to feel pretty safe, because it was a pain to flawlessly fake… but now?

Every time I feel tempted to download TikTok, something like this comes up and just…


It’s coded in it right now, but I won’t be surprised if by August this year they start implenting it. I’m on tik tok and they seem to change the algorithim every 4 months or so. We’ll see though