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So I love me some philosophy so here is a fun discussion question.

What is good? How do you know something is good? Of course when a fun thing occurs we can all say “Well that’s good” but why is it?

Also I want to start posting these regularly here bc I think it’s fun. If you ever want to talk philosophy don’t hesitate. HMU


ah you see this is when I start to have an existential breakdown :joy: but I guess it’s all based on a feeling and a word used to describe that feeling which goes back to the creation. however if we’re talking of good vs bad MORALLY then everyone starts to look at me as though I’m crazy as I start to spout off something about how it’s altogether pointless to label stuff in that way bc it differs from person to person… etc. you get the point lol :joy:

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I would disagree. I think that ethics and being a good person isn’t subjective all of the time. I would argue it’s really subjective none of the time. Standards are inherent and some actions are good by laws of nature and some are bad. I think if we simply say “goodness and badness are subjective” we can create a slippery slope where instead of having open discussion about whether or not something is good or bad we simply hide under the protective term ‘It’s my opinion’ which means basically you can’t debate me because this is what I believe.

Also I wasn’t kidding. I really love philosophy :joy:

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ohhhh I love the idea of philosophy but I have existential breakdowns wayyyy to easily :joy: but I am curious if you have any examples in which good and bad isn’t subjunctive? I can’t really think of any (though I think that’s just me not being able to think lol)

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joke: cookies, hot dogs, other yummy food

Killing an innocent person is inherently bad no matter how the cookie crumbles. Helping a grandmother cross the street and not get hit by any cars is inherently good.

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So my question is where is that line drawn? You say it’s subjective but I have clearly shown two opposite ends of a spectrum on which we are attempting to distinguish the midpoint.

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hot dogs aren’t good. Inherent fact :joy:


NOOOOOOO idk i like them

ah you see this is where we come into the problem. people often give examples such as these when describing the difference between good and bad, and I do see where it comes from. a thing such as murder is commonly believed by people to be morally wrong and therefore bad. since this is a common view, people tend to believe that it is always bad to murder. but this still is a subjunctive view despite many people sharing the same belief (which don’t get me wrong, I don’t think murder is okay).

simply put, everyone has a different set of priorities and everything isn’t black and white yada yada, just ask if I make no sense bc I never seem to have my thoughts in one place lol.

No you make perfect sense, you are basically arguing the relativist’s point that nothing is inherently true in the universe and all of our ideas come from our own decisions. I have the stance of a more realist moralist which is the basic idea that morals exist despite what humans decide.

Fore example killing animals without reason is mean and bad, yet Lions eat antelope. Why is this? Well because the lion is killing for food, just as a hunter might do, however the lion only kills what it needs, and such is the law of nature: only take what is needed, never more.

It is bad to be as Aristotle says an “incontinent person” or somebody who pursues things in excess. When you say all things are subjective you are saying that if I go out and kill every animal without reason I can simply say “It’s not bad in my opinion” which is of course silly.

Just because somebody has a personal opinion doesn’t make it true. Truth exists outside of conscious humanity and it is our job to discover, not create, truth.


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oh ffs some more puzzles… I thought I just had it with maths and science in school :joy:

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