Decrease in engagement; how to cope?

Hey guysss, hope ya’ll are doing well! There has definitely been a decrease in activity since the initial launch as most of you guys have already said here before. I just wanna give my input on this cuz me and some others have been frustrated by the decline in activity and some are feeling a bit lost right now. If you’re one of these people who feel confused, just know that you aren’t alone.

Something that gets me annoyed is constantly hearing people say “don’t compare yourself to others” or “don’t focus on numbers”. That’s not even advice, it’s simply just baseless statements that you kinda just say “haha, ok” to but it doesn’t help your case whatsoever. It’s human nature to compare yourself to others so don’t beat yourself up for doing that.

If you’re comparing yourself to other people who constantly get on the popular page, just know that almost half the time that they are there, it’s luck. Not saying that these people aren’t talented because they totally are, but so are so many others that are often left behind and their content gets hidden from most people (hopefully this will change with algorithm updates). It’s ok to feel frustrated that your content isn’t being shown as much as others, but try not to beat yourself up for that.

In times like this, you just have to appreciate the little things. For instance, instead of having your mindset be “oh man, why isn’t my byte getting as many likes as ____”, just try your best to see the accomplishment of getting at least one like, or one comment or even just getting one loop is pretty neat cuz that means that someone is actually watching your byte(s).

Appreciate the fact that there are at least some people who are supporting your bytes. If someone tells you to not focus on numbers, yeah that’s true and all but it won’t fix the feeling that you’re having inside because that statement is easier said than done and doesn’t really give much help on how to deal with these frustrating feelings that you’re having. In fact, based off of experience, hearing people tell you this will end up make you become even more frustrated about your bytes not doing as well as others.

So here’s some actual advice instead of those cliche statements; no matter if it’s one follower or a thousand, try to solely focus on the fact that you actually have followers and have people that support your bytes and with time, your following will eventually grow. You’re allowed to be annoyed at the fact that your byte isn’t doing as well as other bytes, but try not to let that control what you post. Post what you wanna post, when you wanna post it because if you’re too afraid that your byte won’t do well so you end up not posting it, you won’t even get any followers, likes, etc. in the first place.

What to do with posts that flop; well like I said before, appreciate the small things. Be grateful that at least some people were there to support your byte and use that encouragement to push forward to create more content for those people. If you have followers, that means that they wanna see more of what you post and you’re doing something right so keep doing you and just create!

I understand that it’s frustrating to post and then not get a lot of likes on it cuz it may not be active at that time, but if you have confidence in what you create, that’s all that should really matter. Don’t let other people define what you think is a good byte or not. If you aren’t getting as many likes as you wanted, just move on to the next post because if you’re going to be so hung up on the fact that it flopped, you’re going to drive yourself crazy. That post will always be there so let’s say that one of your bytes does do well in the future, people will scroll through your account and watch the bytes that didn’t do as well when you posted them and the traction on your account will bring more attention to the posts that ‘flopped’. I think a common misconception is that if you post and it flops, it won’t be seen by anyone else ever again. It will and if it’s a slow process than that’s completely fine. Everyone’s accounts move at their own pace and it’s takes a while to accept that (I’m still trying to accept that) so I hope this forum post will give you guys a whole new outlook on things for the better!




Very well said Ben, and yea I think the release hype has cooled down, and the level of engagement on Byte has evidently decreased, but I am just glad that all of us are still grinding to make great contents for us and our audience. That’s the spirit that we need to continue on with.


Heck yea!! I know a lot of us got a taste of what it’s like to have a lot of engagement on their accounts when the app launched and now that feeling is gone, we want it back lol but the app is not ‘dead’ unless we make it actually dead by not posting so like you said, let’s continue to grind out content cuz there are people on the app that genuinely want to see it!!


Couldn’t care less about my engagement. But there’s literally barely anyone using the app anymore lol. Even the most popular people only get a few thousand likes. Worried Byte won’t be around in like, 2 months.


Thanks for posting this, Ben, very insightful and a good, positive way to look at things. It was really helpful to have our chat on Twitter last night, and you are absolutely right about everything you said last night, which you’ve explained in more detail above. Even at my advanced age, I have to remind myself what’s important and what matters most. Sure, likes provide that validation we all crave as creators, but there’s also a lot more to it then that.

Thanks again, so glad you posted this. :hearts:


I’ve been thinking the exact same thing! Yes, my content isn’t technically getting as many likes as before but I’m really focusing on making stuff that I like. My bytes are like an inside joke for just me and my followers and it’s kind of beautiful that way sometimes.


Hell yeah Tom! :metal: happy we talked last night cuz it made me realize that a lottt of people are feeling this way including me so I’m going to try my best to practice what I preach lol


Yes!! Exactlyyy. The connections you make with your followers should be one of the biggest things going through a creators mind imo. It’s really nice to be able to post something and have at least one person support what you put out


Engagement can’t drop if you didn’t have engagement to start with

For real though there’s a whole lot of facts here, and this is far more helpful than a random ‘oh just ignore it, focus on yourself king the grind never stops :triumph::triumph: psalms 13:8’ and honestly there’s a lot to benefit from reading this no matter who you are or how you feel about what you make!


Whew!!! And I thought it was just me!! Well, this post gives me alot more confidence in my bytes. Its up to us to keep byte going and grow the platform and the people’s interest. I’m here for the journey!!:100::100::100::100:


I recommend joining a discord or community where you can chat with other byte users. It’s much more satisfying and fun than any amount of interaction on the actual app itself. That being said, the app right now has very little discover-ability so if you’re struggling, it’s probably because of that. Just continue to make content and wait for updates that’ll let more people find your stuff and you’ll be fine :slight_smile:


LOL thanks dan! Yeah im kinda just sick of hearing stuff like what you just said cuz like that’s not advice :joy: ok the grind doesn’t stop, but I still feel frustrated/annoyed LOL so yeah hopefully this post gave some insight on how to slowly stop feeling aggravated


How can one have engagement unless one engages? I try to reply to everyone who leaves a comment, I support (like, comment etc.) to all of those I follow. When my feed is quiet, I search the “Latest” and other categories to find new folks to follow, support, rebyte. There’s some great hidden gems in the nooks and crannies :blush: I want to be entertained and have a laugh with folks.


Love this :raised_hands: going to latest as you mentioned, you’ll see some hidden talent here and there so it’s really nice to utilize that page every once in a while! Agreed with what you said :pray:


Thank you so much for posting this Ben,:blue_heart: this has been in the back of my mind for a while and hearing someone like you having similar issues puts me a little at ease lol! Seriously though, It is a really discouraging experience to deal with, as it feels like performing on a stage with no crowd (that’s how I see it). But knowing that you have those few supporters of your stuff is definitely encouraging. It’s good to see I’m not the only one dealing with this, but fortunately it can only go up from here! :partying_face:


one of my fav creators out there! well said man and im going through the same exact thing you are and its a tough pill to swallow but you gotta keep moving forward regardless


Hey lady! Nice to see that you joined the forum! Aren’t you glad I dragged you onto this app? :laughing:


:rofl: I’m glad you did! I forgot what a cozy place it was :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


I create what I create to make myself laugh and if anyone else wants to go along for the ride, that’s a bonus. I do not create with the intention of solely eliciting reactions whether they be positive or negative. I’m just here. I’m always surprised when even one person likes anything that I post anywhere. That’s my mindset and I’m sticking to it.