Dear Byte Team, THIS. IS. URGENT!

I’ve recently came back into the forum to see what the tea is about.

I was looking at the comments in the ideas & feature requests category and this comment seems to make really good points on what byte can do to help it stand out from all the other apps.

This comment was written by @devdreamz

“What Byte really needs is…
Post notifications
DMs, Live feature and Liking comments
Searchable songs and beats
and more engagements for small creators

Followers being hidden is better because that’s when unoriginality and competition settles in. You lose the creative factor of all you worry about is likes and followers (that’s why I love Instagram a lot more now)

I do like longer videos cause for some, it takes at least 16 seconds to make a good video that’s funny and interesting. After all, we live in a time which content is short but more enjoyable to see and isn’t quick like Vines.“

Again, this is not my suggestion. So if you got any questions or concerns, comment them below. I’m only mentioning this because he’s made certain points that would benefit byte in the near future. And if some of these ideas have already been discussed in the past, copy a link of that request feature (as mentioned here) in the comments below, this is just so that Faizal and all the other mods including the byte team are aware of the situation.


more engagements


More followers and you’ll see followers on their profile in the future

All of the points said here have been covered by the team for the most part. Right now they’re trying to master things that aren’t visible like algorithms and feeds, stuff like that cause they’re working on user retention. After that is solved then they’ll move onto advertising and more fun stuff.

(Not to say that no fun stuff is coming though of course)


Cheers mate, your feedback is much appreciated :slight_smile:

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No problem

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I find it interesting that most ‘suggestions for improvement’ tend end up being “be instagram”

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I agree with everything BUT what you said about followers being hidden. Making followers visible will drive more people onto the app.

:sob: Thank you @PDSC for making my topic a lot more broader and sharing it. :heart::heart:

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I mean Instagram is the leading social media app that has everything you need to be a great app. I’m just suggesting that cause I know it’d help the app pop out more.

But I think followers kinda loses the essence of creativity. Your competing with others to get more followers creating lackluster content, hiding them makes them a lot more personal. That’s one of the best things about byte. We don’t have to glorify having a high number of followers, we just create.

That’s a good point.

So you’re suggesting Byte separate itself by immitating another app?

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“INDIVIDUALITY: You are unique, just like everyone else.”

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