Dealing with Copyright & Monitozation

So, copyright.

When you have a media sharing platform, copyright always is an issue. Wether it’s Youtube, Instagram or Twitter.

I’m not referring to stolen content, but edits and small clips. While it was a very long time ago when dom stated he was looking into a way for the Artists of videos to be paid, it’s not for certain if that is going to be looked into again in the upcoming fresh development.

When it comes to content such as AMVs and edits of shows and movies or even other people’s videos and content, what would happen? Would it be taken down? Unmonitzed if there was such a feature to even be monitored?

Of course there’s some vines in the past which had clips of movies using them as the base of humour. What about those?

How would this be handled? Thoughts?


Be sure to search and contribute to an already existing topic before creating a whole new one. It helps to cut down on duplicates.


i hope no one would mind if JUST 6.5 seconds of content is kept? or idkk :monkey_face:

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Maybe this thread may have the answers you are looking for:


It’s not. And while I really don’t wish to argue, if you had read the post I made, I was referring to people making content that includes media from sources such as movies, shows and ect. Not stolen “vines”.

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My bad. I thought you were talking about snips from vines seeing as you said ‘small clips’. My apologies.

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Hey @Kate,

This has been a topic that has plagued social networks since the beginning of time. So to summarize it, social media, aka Video is a hard thing to copyright. People who have millions to spare (CBS, DISNEY, etc) have taken special precautions that their video can’t be reused that is broadcasted.

However, simple people like ourselves don’t have the luxury of “bullying,” and monetizing content freely. Also, if you take any video and change certain aspects etc, the level of tone, adding a video or anything, its arguably “new” art. It’s so hard going into detail with monetization etc, but really, read up some blogs about copyright and stuff if this didn’t help! :slight_smile:


Great question, some of my favorite v***s were video and movie edits. I think its gonna be one of those things where we just to do a trial and error.