Not sure if bug reports is the best place but I was wondering…

Nearly every byte of mine has data moshing style glitches on and I just never see it on any other bytes. I’m android (obvs a factor) and only use the byte camera (probs a factor), the glitches are visable pre-posting.

Anybody else experience this? Is my phone the issue or is it an android version of byte issue?

I kind of like the glitches but at the same time it would be nice to not have them :sweat_smile:

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Visible:heart: Thank you so much I love you​:heart:


I have a feeling it maybe something related to this update to make byte quicker

But I don’t think it would have anything to do with this situation though.

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I was wondering the same thing actually but then this has been an ongoing issue for some time. Has seemed more frequent since a few updates ago

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Thats really odd cause I had a video I edited in splice last night perfect quality get sent out at a lower quality for some reason. This is kinda of but then sometimes I get great quality videos that goes it.