Data saving mode?

It would be great to have an option in settings that reduces data usage for people not using WiFi. Like, you turn this feature on and it reduces load speeds (tap to load video, perhaps?), maybe loads a smaller/more compressed video, and doesn’t update comments and likes constantly to preserve data. I know that I’ve had to stop using and lost interest in many apps due to their aggressive data-consuming habits, so being able to limit the amount of data will increase the appeal and overall number of users on v2, and keep them on instead of them dropping off after a week due to slowed speeds or additional charges from their network providers.


I really like this idea, it would be good for people like me who are like never in wifi, and use up data like… But, yeah, I love this idea!

That sounds like a really cool idea. It would probably need to play things in a lower quality would be my guess but I would definitely use that when I’m on data so I don’t run out, because you can bet I’m going to be on V2 all the time :joy:

I really like this idea! A lot of people are constantly running out of data. Adding this feature would allow more people to use the app frequently.

snapchat and instagram both have these features

would love to see it on v2!


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