Data Saver option

So I’ve been using Byte for the last few days and on the go I go on Byte and upload some Bytes too. So I go into Cellular in Settings and check my data usage and see Byte has been using 1.2 GB of data. I have unlimited data but I know there are people who don’t have unlimited data. A data saver option would help combat this issue maybe like by compressing the video on playing it back in a lower resolution would work. Just an idea and NOT a demand.


It plays at a lower res when your connection isn’t great, but being able to toggle that is a great idea, and shouldn’t be hard to roll out on a coming update.

Edit: well, this is embarrassing, the feature was there all along

umm in android I can just turn off Data Run on Background settings and it saves the data from eating up in backgorund.


iOS has Low Data Mode which reduces the data amount for system services not third party apps like Byte.