Dark times on V*ne

I remember this one, it was bad. I really don’t want to go into the details.


Curtis Lepore’s rape charges. Whats your opinion on the matter?



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Changed the title - censored ‘Vine’.

Also, I heard Lepore got away with some charges, hopefully they’re rumours. Rapists deserve to be locked away for life.


Not just got away, but mocked poor Jessi as well.

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How did he just get away with that?

Who was Sam hall

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What absolute an absolute hot rubbish person. I never heard about this, how terrible.


It’s so easy to get away with it, especially with the right circumstances. If I have to name drop, I will. Brock Turner.


i rememeber when this broke out. was shocked and disgsuted as i used to follow him. he’s disgsuting and should be locked for life, as any r*pist should.

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I mean look, the was acquitted of some of the charges so its unfair for people to make slander him and attack him. HOWEVER, if he did do it he should have a life sentence in my opinion.

oooh I was 14 when I heard of Curtis raping someone. the entirety of Vine was in fire then. I’m not sure who Sam is tho.

so hard to see someone like Curtis Lepore being that kinda person…he always seems so fun and innocent in his vines… i guess mostly everyone on social media only show the best part of themselves online


Honestly had no idea these things happened. I was always iffy about Curtis ever since he used the N word in one of his vines but wow. That is beyond me :frowning:

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