Dark side of LOCKDOWN

im staying at home these days in lock down. and its really tearing me down. not a day goes by without someone fighting each other here thanks to our giant fukn family. im really struggling to do work from home and seriously considering giving up. above all that i stopped taking meds for my anxiety because i wanted to be independent from meds…its been two months and its too bad rn. its really the biggest mistake ive ever done. now i really need them but i cant get any because i left the city and i need prescription… even if i got it, the store that actually has those meds is far away. i cant even cross the street rn because of the restrictions.i couldnt able to keep up with everything thats going on here …staying online is the only thing keeping me moving…

The reason am making this post is to tell the others who has similar problems that they are not alone. hopefully this all ends soon and everything goes back to normal.

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Is there any way of contacting your doctors or maybe getting delivery of your prescription?

i can tell them to get it deliver but the crappy thing is clinic is closed . only hospitals with emergencies are being operated. my doc has to go through a lot of trouble to get me that prescription delivered. its really bad here and i cant ask him to do that. i dont even know if the post office is functional for normal deliveries.


I have to keep reminding myself it will get better. I hope you can find a solution regarding your medication. In my state they have teleconference doctors, so you can talk to someone from home. It might be something to look into. Your feelings are valid, and there are people out there who want to help. Don’t give up bud.

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