Dallas Cowboys at LA Rams

what do yall think? Stephan A. gave cowboys a 75% chance of winning, we havent been to the superbowl since 1996, i really want them to go to the superbowl lool

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Put into off topic. But yeah I hate the cowboys and I love seeing them lose. Also I’ve liked the Rams for a while now. I’m talking Jeff Fischer days when they sucked. Glad to see them doing well. Hope the Chiefs go all the way though.

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Well being born in Los Angeles I love seeing my home town making the playoffs this year was great for the rams. I think the last two years Cowboys has a chance but some how screw it up.

Woah what if the Chargers and the Rams went to the Super Bowl. Both LA teams

That would be a first.

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welp thats not possible anymore rip :joy:

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Dallas Cowboys already died hehehehe


Yeah the chargers didn’t have a chance haha