Daily Debates Day 2

Today’s topic is: Star Wars

Rey was unnecessarily overpowered while kylo was immensely under powered, also Leia and Luke were not used to their full potential.

I mean, it’s cool that Rey was overpowered. They just didn’t make good use of it. And the Palpatine route for her just didn’t add up, was totally left field. Like, when the heck did he even get busy???

Kylo seemed okay as well (in terms of power) but his “redemption arc” in the last movie was terrible. His mother just leaves a note on his lunch and is like “gonna die now, l8r” then he regrets his decisions from that point on. As if he didn’t gun for her in the previous movie. Okay bro.

Don’t know about Luke and Leia, but if we’re talking about the sequels then sure.


I’m gonna be talking about the Luke and Leia bit.

So here’s the deal. In order for Kylo Ren to be the amazing bad guy that he is, they needed his character tobe tied directly to the characters we already know. The most natural way for that to work is for Leia to be his mother and Luke to have trained him.

In addition, these two are now old people both in real life and in the movies. Their role has changed now. They no longer can be the warriors fighting the fight between good and evil, they are the mentors who guide the warriors of that time.

I believe the places Luke and Leia are in the sequels is pretty natural. Leia leading the resistance the same way her father lead the rebellion and Luke, disillusioned by his failure as a master, hiding on a planet where he hopes to never be found. I believe Luke sees himself as similar to his mentor Obi-wan by hiding after his failure, what he doesn’t see is that his master hid to protect Luke, the only hope for the jedi while Luke is hiding from his failure.

That’s why I think Luke’s arc works so well for me. He stops believing he can never live up to the expectations people have for him and realizes the true way for him to succeed is to help Rey fix his mistakes. Leia’s arc is much less prominent in the story, but it’s also about letting go of control as general and trusting the people she’s taught to do a hood job.

I think part of the reason all this is a little hard to see is just that they kept switching who was in charge of each movie and rian and JJ didn’t really share their plans with each other. Or maybe they just ignored each other’s plans, so the movies don’t always feel the most cohesive.

All that being said, I think Luke and Leia were used well in the sequel series for the most part.




In terms of power the sSkywalker is the chosen bloodline, raw power unmatched, palp himself saw the strength of anakin and later luke. But then you see kylo someone who is apart of the Skywalker bloodline AND has the lucky bloodline of Han Solo cant beat some random non trained girl who just so happen to be a palp

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Well we’re gonna give everyone a pass just Bc they were old them nothing would matter, but look at palp ego raised armies, look at Dooku, obi wan defeated darth maul in old age, yoda… the list goes on showing that age means nothing. And yes the writers are at fault for messing up the sequels

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I think my point was more about how they serve the story. Both Luke and Leia get chances to learn and grow. But in order to bring in a new younger group of heroes, it’s more natural for our old heroes to take on a more mature role

I loved nearly all the characters individually, but they really could’ve done soooo much more in the movies!!! Each movie felt like its own instead of part of a trilogy and I hated that.
Luke is the OG, and they ruined his character in TLJ.
Leia is the most badass princess ever, but they really didn’t explain ANY of her force sensitive stuff??
Rey is great, we love a nobody-turned-hero but she was also way too strong for having no training (even Anakin had some training before he could do cool stuff) and that whole thing with Palpatine was just dumb. Let her be a nobody. It made her great tbh.
KYLO my fav. Poor Ben Solo I have so much sympathy for you. He really had a tragic backstory and was manipulated by Snoke/Palpy whatever from the beginning and he deserved the best redemption arc and that was stolen from him (and me, rip).
Throughout the movies, I shipped Reylo just because I love Adam Driver and let’s be real, Kylo was hot. But it felt so awfully rushed in the end. I think TLJ did a good job of character development between the two of them but TROS just lost all of that momentum and went a completely different direction.
I agree that the switching of directors for all 3 movies back and forth played a big factor in why it felt so unorganized, but here’s what I think: TFA was good. It was interesting, introduced new characters, and added a new issue (not not-similar to past issues, but that’s Star wars for ya I guess). TLJ was good in developing the main 2 characters, though the other side characters really took a bad hit (Finn, Rose, rip). TROS was a messssss. Yeah I get he was trying to fix the issues of TLJ but honestly there’s not enough movie time to retcon everything. I think he should’ve just gone with what Rian Johnson had done with TLJ and finish that. Heck, maybe even collab a little for ideas.
Anyway, that’s my take… Now to ignore the forums for another 3 months : )


I genuinely tried to watch the last movie but I HAD ABSOLUTELY NO IDEA WHAT THE FUCK WAS GOING ON

I couldn’t finish it. It made zero sense the whole time. Sooooo bad.

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I have been honored with your response before you disappear and the fire nation attacks

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Yeeaaaa is a lot to take in

Stan kylo for opaque skin


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