V2 could either be the best experience or the worst for some people. I feel like actions taken for cyberbullying should be stricter in V2. There will be many young people using this and making “silly” videos, we as individuals should make sure they have the correct privacy and respect if you understand what I am saying. Change starts with us and we are the future.


Wut. Could you clarify…

Clarify what specifically?

What privacy are you looking for, I mean this kinda just seems like some words together. I don’t understand what you are requesting from the community.

Well, people I know in the IG community would post young children’s musically as jokes, etc. This stuff can damage people

Artists should be able to turn off comments and other in app communication tools if they wish to.

Yes! Stuff like this

Many people profited off of making fun of others. Truly upsetting.

Cant they just block the person harassing them?

That is not how the Internet works. People may distribute videos on other forms of social media, etc. another type of bullying.

Oh yeah. I forgot about that. Maybe add a report option and have a moderator look at the account so they didn’t do anything wrong would I would do.

Report options take a longer time. Have you seen Instagrams process?

As artists, younger children or people expressing their personality should not be our ART

Hmmm we could suppose action could be taken quickly if it is not allowed

There will be many people using this and many younger people aswell. How fast is your fast?

&&& i feel like we should remind people whatever they post stays with them

What I can think is maybe they use some sort of code where they can block somethings

Like Instagram blocks a ton of things pretty quickly which I imagine maybe V2 can do the same

But I could be completely wrong LOL

yeah it would be cool if so because young kids post the darnest things and i dont want them to be attacked from it.

Hopefully in V2 you can block comments like certain words from being posted under your video

yes! I feel if they are <13 there should be a list of words that are not allowed to be commented, sent or searched up.