Cuts off beginning of video when trying to post

On the iPhone 6 plus as well as this android tablet anytime I go to upload a perfectly good 6 second video the app when “applying edits” cuts off the beginning of the video. Each time from camera roll, I dont know what could be causing this but I’m seeing other people upload perfect loops with ease. Please help… I dont know what else to do. (And yes the videos are compressed.)


You could put it into iMovie and add like a black screen before so that part gets cut out, not the video

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Shouldn’t have to go through hoops like this just to upload an edit. I spent a long time in after effects trying to get the audio and the video matched up just right. its all for not if its just gonna look scuffed when I go to upload it.


I had the same exact issue I spent forever making my loop perfect and it was good until I posted it and it was no longer perfect :confused: sorry I don’t have a solution yet but I want to be a part of this thread in case one is found!


I’m having the same problem. My edits that used to loop PERFECTLY on Vine are now not looping perfectly and it reeeaaally bothers me :confused: it would also make it easier if we could just add a snippet of a black screen clip and then add in a video from our Camera Roll but the Byte app won’t let you do that :roll_eyes:

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we’re working on it, but you can follow this guide for perfect loops in the mean time:


Thank you so much for linking to that! Very helpful :grin:


I just realized this

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This is just simply for audio, the video still cuts off. I guess if they’re working on it, I’ll just stock up on edits to post


I was unaware this was an aforementioned bug. I made a post about it, it’s happening to me on my LG V40 as well.
The camera roll video being cut short at the beginning that is.


Right, it’s the same for me


around what time frame are we looking to be able to post nice loops like everyone else? (I’m only assuming that this is happening on older devices).

Not sure what your definition of older is but the phone I have was released in the latter half of 2018. So it’s only maybe about a year and a half old. So I’m not sure that that would be the issue

Anything below the release of the iphone 7 I’m assuming

I guess that’s a possibility for Apple but it can’t be the issue for Android, my phone is much much more recent than that.

Def for android. Ive tried uploading through emulators and my sisters tablet. (Kinda old) but regardless Older devices have this problem.

Well I’m not saying it doesn’t happen on older devices. Not sure if you get what I meant, I’m just saying I’m on a newer android so it’s not only old devices it’s newer devices too

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Ohh Yea I misinterpreted what you said.

All good no worries :slight_smile:

It is a pain! I’ve tried various fixes but it’s a lot of work for an app I just want to use for fun. Hope they figure out a solution.