Customizable notifications

I made a thread about this a while ago, and now that the app has been out for about a week I thought I’d make a quick update of that

I think we should be able to customize what kinds of notifications we get from the app. This can including comments, likes, follows, etc. This can help in the case that people dont want to be flooded with like and follow notifications, but want to make sure they dont miss any comments.

Another thing that can be paired with that first part could be additional options instead of just ON and OFF. This would be things such as getting notifications only from mutual follows, or only from people I follow. (I can see reasons not to add this as well, but i’ll leave it here in case it sparks some other ideas)


I honestly agree, I wanna see what “future” updates are soon to come from byte


Here’s the dealio, this is what we should have in terms of sorting notifs
Sorting by only - follows, comments, likes, rebytes.
Milestones - 10k loops on a video etc
By person - Mutual follows, and also by some kind of ‘quality filter’
Aha also please let me turn off individual peoples rebytes :slight_smile:


I agree to the max. I also would like to understand more about the star system on byte like how all that works in the future.


Love this idea.