Custom profiles

maybe v2 will let people really be creative with their profiles, ie having a gif as a profile picture, changing a banner, different fonts for descriptions, etc.


Hopefully but you’ll have to talk to Dom about that

I don’t really like the idea of having your profile pic as a gif maybe there should be an option where you can choose when your profile pic will be a gif e.g 00:00 to 11 am will be a gif then 12 pm to 11 pm should be a pic.


That sounds better, like it changes at a certain amount of time

Omg having a silent 6.5 second video that loops as a profile picture would be great :joy:


Lol that would be cool, kinda like the old snapchat profile GIF’s.

How about do what Discord does? You can have your profile picture as a normal photo, but if you pay, you will be able to upload a gif as a profile picture. This way it will benefit both the app and the person wanting the GIF feature.


It could be so cool! To totally change your profile !