Custom Byte Profile Pics and a Big Collab Project

Okay, so most of you know that I have been learning blender the past week and have been doing pretty good so far. So I had an idea and tried this little idea with @FaizalDawx . I was thinking of the byte blocks on and thought why isn’t that a profile picture frame option already. Anyways so what I did was put my creativity to the test and made Faizal a picture.

And honestly, I would love to do this for everyone for people to show their uniqueness and being part of byte.

if you would like one feel free to dm me and also here are some things I would need

  1. A picture and What color you want your block to be can be specific color or hex if ur into that
  2. the accent color for the background
  3. anything extra you want in your block picture

I love blender so far and I wanna share my talent with everyone and do something awesome. On a side not after I get a certain number of blocks made I will be making a big collab animation with any byter who wants a profile pic which I will make a forum post about later. which I think you guys would love and I can’t wait to make!

I hope you guys have been enjoying my journey in blender thus far because I am having fun every step of the way!


This is a unique idea and I’m all for it. Could definitely lead to some interesting animation too.



update: I just finished Bens profile pic! :slight_smile: working on more as they come in.


What can we do with them? This looks pretty cool I just don’t know what I would do with the final image

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well make it your pfp on byte or whatever. the goal is to kind of do what should be a thing and have a bunch of people get a pfp to rep byte. Plus when I get enough pics I am gonna made a big collab animation based on the byte website.

Oh I just had an idea. Can you insert a video instead of a picture?

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I can do that too. I have an Idea I wanna do with videos later lol.

Okay I have a great idea for a collaboration then. I’ll keep you posted.

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ok but don’t do anything too big everyone is excited to see the big thing I have coming lol.

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these are rad! also, i’m stoked to see what your big collab project is…

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this be cool

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Damn… I want one but my phone has no pictures on it :rofl:

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it’s cool I can use a photo from ur byte profile like ben and faizal

Hell yeah!!! I’d love that :metal:

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