Custom Byte Compilations

This would most likely be a later feature if it happens, but I think it would be kinda cool if we could make our own custom byte compilations in the app.

It could look something like this:
There could be a separate page for byte compilations, and it would be customized by the user typing in people they want to see in their custom compilations. That way, we could see all of our favs instead of just one at a time.

It could be something kinda like the Instagram explore page except the app doesn’t choose what’s on the page; the user does.


Yo not bad… definitely an idea to be considered


I’ll be making my own compilations when I have enough videos, but I didn’t know someone could do it for you, just fans and people like that! I’d love to have my own byte compilation on YT

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:thinking:hmmmm we’ll see how things evolve with time. I honestly prefer youtube compilations.

Might be interesting. Honestly not a fan of the algorthim based feed on IG’s discovery page. Sounds like a good idea