Culture vs. Culture 2


Definitely not my type of my music for sure

not quite sure what culture 2 is, can you pls explain?

Culture was an album by the amigos,Culture 2 is the follow up album I just want to know which album is better

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What? I dont understand what they are talking about

Both are albums by Migos

culture will remain on of the greatest trap records of all time
culture 2 flopped for sure

lowkey the album was a let down but I wouldn’t say it flopped like on its own the album was decent but I agree compared to Culture it did flop as far as sales and the flow of the album

Culture has a perfect album time-length
Culture 2 takes years to finish and too many songs

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I didn’t even think about that, but Culture has 13 tracks and Culture 2 has almost double the tracks coming in at 24 so yeah it does take a while to finish but I think the idea was to show their versatility and expand their sound

Or to gain more money by offering more tracks…

True more streams more money, all I know is Culture 2 wasn’t for the Culture. Culture was all heat, that was for the Culture

Idk if I’m the only one here who saved more song from Culture 2 than the first Culture

I would say it’s like an even amount form culture to culture 2 as far as how many songs I liked

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I won’t say it flopped just cause Migos has a huge fan base making it hard for them to flop no matter how average the music may be. BUT Culture 1 was 100000x better than 2. They’re releasing too much music rn, it’s getting old the beats don’t even sound authentic anymore :man_shrugging:

Honestly the next Migos I want to hear better be a streets on lock mixtape cuz that’s the real Migos not the Travis Scott gang :joy:

Ya idk, between quality control, huncho jack, and without warning, they kinda running out of good verses, except takeoff he’s the best

You are all retarded. Offset is the best member of Migos. Culture 1 contains a higher percentage of bangers to the amount songs, but culture 2 has more bangers. Therefore, culture 2 is better without a doubt. I hope all your dads come back just to walk out on you again.

Incorrect. Takeoff the best migo