Cryptocurrency tipping for content creators

I think this would be a great way to grow the community

If v2 goes with crypto, Reddcoin is the best choice.

I think this is brilliant. Artists will start where it’s easy and go where the money is. Relying on advertisers and sponsors to make money is not only annoying for users, but restrictive for the creators. There needs to be a monetary incentive that keeps artists in the community, but not just as a vessel for ads. I don’t wanna see half assed sketches in order to selll me Wendy’s. I also don’t want Wendy’s to have the power to ruin someone’s revenue stream if they don’t agree with artsists choices, like on YouTube.
A tip system that relies on real donations from the actual community would be a great way to help facilitate better content. My only gripe would be maybe not crypto, since the market is still so volitile. Maybe start with simple bank integration so you can donate a dollar or so whenever you want and once the crypto market settles they can replace normal donations with that.


This also helps solve the problem I saw earlier where old creators are asking for money in order to even use v2. Give them the opportunity to build their audience, and receive money just like everyone else. If they’re good, or even just recognizable, they should be able to get what they want, and not annoy users as much.

ALSO, v2 can make money by just adding a percentage fee for donations. For every dollar donated, 80 cents goes to the artist and 20 goes to v2. Doesn’t have to be those exact numbers obviously but you can easily get creators and the company some solid revenue.

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Is there an ICO?

It’s a good idea but I don’t think tipping should be allowed because users should donate their money to better causes, not artists unless they give it to charities

With that logic, livestreamers wouldn’t make much money. Not every donation has to go to charity, you know.

I think that livestream art should make their money form other things as well but I see where you’re coming from. I didn’t really think through what I said because with that logic all the money fans spend on merch could go to charity too and that’s stupid

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