Cryptocurrency tipping for content creators

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TL/DR: Incorporate cryptocurrency to allow users to tip content creators.

Cryptocurrency is a field I am very passionate about. It is an emerging technology that has the power to change the world and we are at the forefront of it. I am making this post to propose the idea of incorporating cryptocurrency tipping into V2. I really feel that this topic can be very complex and deserves its own post.

I’ve noticed a sizable amount of posts on here have been related to how users can monetize their content. Many people feel that the old app failed because the big viners left for other outlets where they could easily monetize their content. I am not entirely sure if there will be a system in place for V2 but I thought I would share my idea.

The emergence of cryptocurrency has led us into a new era of the internet. Cryptocurrency at this stage isn’t perfect but neither was the internet when it was first developed. Much like the internet, this technology is here to stay and improve. I believe V2 can become a pioneer of this new technology by incorporating cryptocurrency into the app.

This would allow users to “tip” creators and encourage them to stay on V2 and make more content. Something has already been done on Youtube and Twitch for livestreams where viewers use tipping to show support and sometimes gain attention of the content creator.

There is currently a coin made for this purpose and it is called Reddcoin. It calls itself the social media coin and is working with every form of social media including Facebook, Twitter and Reddit to allow users to collectively tip a content creator.

The way I’d see it on V2 would be that there would be a like, comment, some form of a revine and a tip button. This would allow content creators to make money directly without the use of advertisers. At the moment Reddcoin is worth $0.01 so if 10,000 viewers tipped 1 reddcoin then the content creator would make $100 which is much better than Youtube’s 1$ per 1,000 views.

I really feel that incorporating this new technology would be beneficial to V2 in so many ways. It solves a problem that might have led to the decline of the last app and it makes V2 a pioneer of a new amazing form of technology. @dom have you ever thought of using cryptocurrency with V2?


I think tipping would be pretty cool.


i’d be appreciated if you posted this as a post in an already topics here


I’m currently in class so I can’t read all of this but I’ll scan over it when I have the time :+1:t3::+1:t3:


I think this one maybe different

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it is a new way that could be shared under those topics for discussion


I guess lol

I mentioned Reddcoin because it is currently the only cryptocurrency used for this purpose but does anyone else have any ideas on other cryptocurrencies that would be good for this purpose as well?

maybe something like Bits ( a form of “currency” that is used by Twitch) where you could donate a dollar to a specific viner. But i feel like when people do donate they expect to achieve a certain amount of notoriety which is naive and we should prevent that from happening.


what class is it?

Are there going to be ads running through the app?

at this point, no one besides v2 devs know, sorry.

this won’t be seen though, it is unique

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This actually is pretty smart :exploding_head::exclamation:
Watch a video about this here:


I agree with your idea, but I’d like to know if this incentive is available for artists worldwide. Normally, there are some unreasonable exceptions to the list of supported territories, and I’m just wondering if this method is available for artists around the globe.

This is something that will be amazing to see implemented into V2!

this is a really cool idea! something i could see further down the line with V2…

I would also love this idea. As someone mentioned twitch and bits I think it would be easier if V2 did have a currency that can later be swapped for cash.

Great post! I would add that ‘tipping’ is only the tip of the iceberg when you look at all of the potential ways you could integrate cryptocurrencies into v2.

As lightning networks are deployed on top of cryptocurrencies, it will be possible to literally stream money, much like you would stream a video. It would therefore be possible to pay a thousandth of a penny per second of content you watch.

V2 could even integrate their own cryptocurrency into the platform and develop their own V2 economy through rewarding good content with their V2 coin.



Having money and tipping integrated is a slippery slope, begging for tips would boom, and everything else that comes with the idea of “free money”. This is something really meant to be done on a third party service, rather than it being the norm on every account.