Cryptocurrency BTC/Alts

Anyone holding any coins.



Umm… I’ve got a dime… want it?


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I may or may not have a smol amount of eth left from some years ago, honestly just got disinterested

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I have some bitcoin


i have a total of 69c to my name


I’ve got a couple thousand bytecoins but I can’t offload them anywhere

My husband wished he did, half a decade ago.

I’ve got a variety. BTC, ETH, LTC, XRP etc. Started in spring of 2017 and am up a bunch on most everything. A few Alts are dead, but they were more for play.

used to hold a few different coins but now just holding onto some bitcoin just because

Yes. Eth xlm xrp btc xtz just to name a few. I do think cryptos will really start ramping in dec and be on a bullrun by summer 2021. At least testing ATH(all time highs). Also i think Tesla stocks will continue to explode. Im not a financial advisor but if u could even put a small amount away, i feel it would do wonders!

I’m so happy I started using cryptocurrency 10 years ago. I traded on many platforms. Few of them remain constantly healthy for simple users. I even had mining farm in Russia. Now I trade only on Fondex because they are improving different other types of trading options. With indices, I have less experience but it is also profitable, especially with the situation on international level, many companies have fallen as never before. I like the commissions and I’m always aware of any tiny changes because my PC and iPad never stops working. Regarding withdrawals also conditions good and works precisely, not like other websites here I saw on forum and tried them in the past.

Not yet I am interested but I never have time when I do think about investing lol!