CrossFit (Or exercise in general)

I am super into fitness and wanted to make this thread 1)bc I’m bored 2) I wanted to see if there were any other CrossFiters on the forums!! Even if you don’t do CF, but love exercise lemme know what you do down below. I’ve actually competed in a CrossFit competition before, if that tells you how serious I am about it lol. It has honestly changed my life because I was never motivated to exercise and now I love it. And for those who hate exercise, you can just tell me how many Wendy’s cheeseburgers you’ve eaten in one sitting. My record is 5, not that I’ve tried to beat it recently.
-Mac Attack


I’m beginning to do some martial arts and otherwise i just do some jump rope and basic anaerobics in general :sweat_smile:


Same! I haven’t done martial arts in a while but I try to go to the gym as frequently as possible. I like to stay fit even though it sucks leaving the house during the winter months (i live in NY, it gets near/below 0 where i live occasionally)


:scream:that’s COLD. I couldn’t bc I’m in the south :joy:


I try to run, and lift weights. Haven’t made that the focus these days because I’d rather focus on my side business after work. I’m skinny so go figure


I do CrossFit. I like how you get to excercise every part of your body and learn some boxing technique


Why use when cheeseburgers as an example instead of In-N-Out :smirk: . But i used to run as my exercise but not so much anymore :sunglasses: . Crossfit seems hard tho.


I don’t do CF but I do weightlift and do some cardio. I did about half a decade of mixed martial arts and boxing. I was really strong then. I should start up again.


What is your favorite movement? (So happy someone else does CF on the forums :laughing:)

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I don’t do CF, but I recently started yoga. Just in love with Indian food and why not yoga. You know, my job is gone because of this madness in the world. These days I had back pain. My wife, as a caring wife, forced me to do yoga. Not really forced, she just insisted on it. There was a time when I read about yoga culture, om symbol meaning, namaste. it was excited but no need to begin practice. When the problems appear, life sends you signs, go and solve them. Now, yoga is my morning routine.

I grew up skateboarding and I was obsessed with it. Then a long time later I started rock climbing and then moved on to weight lifting and kettlebells, did that for years until the pandemic and all my motivation slammed to a halt. Now I’m trying to get back in to running (I’ve been running/ walking 6-7 miles a day) and my kettlebell is arriving today so I’m gonna get back in to it. Also try to get back in to yoga.

I miss doing farmers walk with 240 pounds and being strong. But now my goals are aligning differently so we will see what comes next.

My dad is a P.T🧍🏻